Short Paragraph on A Visit to a Garden

By | April 6, 2018

A visit to a garden is always very refreshing. The air is pure, cool, and fragrant. The green trees, the flowering bushes, and the velvety grass give delight. The moment you enter, you feel you are in another world. The dust and the heaviness are left behind, and one breathes freely and feels great relief. Luscious fruits and flowers temptingly hang from the trees, but it is forbidden to pluck them. Nor is it necessary to pluck them, they are delightful to look at.

The golden oranges, the pale guavas, the pomegranates, and other fruits, are a pleasing sight. After the weary day, or early in the morning, a stroll in the garden restores life and freshness to the fatigued body, and to lie there in the sun on a bright winter afternoon is a very good health-giving exercise. Gardens are like lungs in the human body.

There is a public garden in our city, very well laid out, open to all, rich and poor alike. It is kept scrupulously neat and clean and is well watered. It is open and is not densely crowded with trees. There are several open lawns, with shady trees on the roads, forming avenues. In these lawns, hundreds of people may be seen walking or sitting, morning and evening. The garden is a real boon for the people. It is conducive to public health.

It contains orange and mango trees in plenty. During Spring season, the rose, the orange blossom, fills with rich fragrance which is carried by the wind to the whole town. The mangoes are a specialty, and during the mango season, it requires great strength of mind to resist the temptation of helping oneself to the ripe fruits. There are two wells with double Persian wheels, which water the garden, and seasonal flowers are grown here in plots and beds specially prepared. The roads and approaches are kept well-swept. There is a mountain in the middle. The small tank which feeds it contains small colored fish. In the middle, there is a Baradari of red stone, a fine specimen of old Mughal sculpture. The Municipality has supplied a few benches for visitors to sit on. The whole landscape is very picturesque, and the sight is extremely beautiful and delightful.

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