Short Paragraph on A Tug of War Match

By | April 6, 2018

Last Monday, there was a tug-of-war match between our college and the Islamia College. Mr. Iftikhar acted as referee. It was a very interesting match, and was very exciting. Our opponents were heavier men, but our team, also, was quite earnest, and was well practised. The pull began at 5 p.m. ‘Both teams tugged and toiled, they pulled now one way, now the other. Both sides seemed to put their whole heart into the effort, and exerted their utmost. The boys on both sides shouted and cheered to encourage their champions. Some waved handkerchiefs, other gave directions. The coaches also gave words of command, ‘rest,” “pull, change, jerk.’

The boys strained every nerve and sinew, and it was really a very pleasing sight to see the manly strength and the heroic resolve of the contestants. After 9 minutes, our team were out of breath, and it seemed as if they would lose, but the captain urged his men to make one more earnest. This had the desired effect. It roused their drooping spirits, and after taking a little breath, they made another united effort. Sheer might was on the side of our opponents, but now they also showed signs of exhaustion. Our team soon saw this, and under the guidance of their tutor, they began to pull vigorously.

We won, and it was very amusing to see the fat end man of the rival team being dragged along the ground with the rope round his waist, till he had crossed the central line. Over-exertion told on our men, who, after the struggle was over. lay breathless on the ground. We ran to render all assistance to our friends. We shampooed them, rubbed their hands and gave them drinks. There was an outburst of joy at this victory, and we dispersed amidst shouts of ‘hurrahs.” and “Head Master Sahib Zindabad.

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