Short Paragraph on A Reception

By | April 27, 2018

His Excellency the Governor arrived at Faisalabad on the 8th instant. As this was his first official visit to the place, grand preparations had been made to accord him a fitting reception.

The principal streets were decorated with buntings, flags and flowers. Triumphal arches were erected at different places and the roads were all well cleaned and watered. The main bazar was a scene of great bustle and activity. The local officials and members of the Municipal Committee were seen hurrying to and fro, looking, very busy. The streets were crowded with eager spectators, and all places of vantage were occupied. The roofs of houses and shops were thronged with women and children.

The Airport presented a very gay appearance. Palms and flowerpots were placed on the steps. The apron and the gates were covered with red banat, and a state canopy supported on silver pillars added to the dignity of the occasion. All the officials, headed by the Commissioner, the local councillors and notables were there in morning dress. The boys of the local schools dressed in their best lined the route on both sides from the airport to the Hall. The spectators stood four or five feet behind them.[the_ad id=”17141″]

The plane landed at the fixed hours and a salute of guns was fired. His Excellency alighted from the plane, and the band struck up the National Anthem. This over, His Excellency shook hands with the Commissioner, who introduced the councillors and the members of the Municipal Committee. He inspected the Guard of Honour.

A motor car was ready for him at the gate. He got into it, and the Commissioner sat opposite him. Then came the other motor cars with the Chief Secretary, the personal staff, and the local officials. The escort was formed by the members of the Territorial Force. The Boy Scouts, also, were there, who presented staves The Procession passed through dense crowds, who lustily cheered the Governor. The boys shouted ‘hurrahs’; which rent the air. The people were very glad to see their Governor, who is noted for his sympathy with Pakistani aspirations, and who, during his short stay, has endeared himself to all by his numerous acts of kindness.

The procession terminated at the grand hall, where under a Shamiana an address was presented to the Governor by the Local – Association. To this the Governor replied in suitable terms. After visiting the local institutions. His Excellency left the next day. The whole function ended very successfully, thanks to the efforts of the officials and the co-operation of the people.

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