Short Paragraph on A Journey by Boat

By | April 1, 2018


  • Introduction.
  • No smoke mirror of cool water.
  • Conclusion.

Journey by boat is more interesting than journey by train, rail journey there is much noise and smoke. The thrud of the wheels, the harsh whistle of the engine, the smoke from the engine funner, the crowds and the coolies make your life really miserable.

But a journey by boat is not like that. There is no smoke. There is no dust and din. You sail smoothly on the mirror of cool water like a duck. The scenery of nature around you is quite enchanting. Here and there you can hear songs of birds and sailors. Boats pass by one another calmly and quietly. It is a perfect setting of peace and tranquility.

I had been long wishing to sail in a boat. The first boat journey I ever had was in The Indus.Its backwaters offer a wonderland of the water world. Alleppy may well be called the Venice of the East. Unfortunately we do not know enough of our land. Many foreign tourists also know nothing of the treasures in our country. If you have seen the whole of Pakistan, you will never like to go abroad. Our running to foreign countries is a proof of our poverty of knowledge at home.[the_ad id=”17141″]

As the boat sailed, we heard in perfect calm the sweet flow of water. We saw many kinds of fish jumping out and then disappearing in the water. Some of them were visible in the clear water some distance away around the boat. Sitting in the boat gave us a great pleasure. It is quite different from the journey by rail or bus in that the boat sails quite smoothdsy and the passengers never feel jerked. On our way we saw hundreds of birds sailing on the surface of the water. The approaching boat terrified them and, with a flutter they flew away making their gliding an enchanting scene.

There are regular stations where you can get estables just as in a train service. There are signals by day and night to guide boats on their course and to prevent collisions between ferry boats coming from opposite directions. The boats sail slowly but smoothly. I remember what I ate and drank on that boat journey at Attock. Iced milk was very delicious. Coco-nuts, bananas, eggs were all very nice and tasty.

The journey over, I came out of the boat. I was beside myself with joy. I felt I must tell all my friends all about the pleasures of a boat journey. My friends were all very happy to hear it. Since then I have had a number of trips in the boat though none was so enjoyable as the first.

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