Short Paragraph on A Football Match

By | April 2, 2018

Last Friday, one day the captain of the Islamia College Football XI sent us to challenge for a friendly match. Our captain, Asif approached the principal to seek his permission. The challenge was accepted. An order was circulated in the school about the date and time of the match, that was 10th of November.

On the appointed day a large crowd, consisting mainly of students. had gathered in our football ground to witness the match. Many outsiders also came to see the match. The suitable seating arrangement was made for the teachers of both the Colleges. Before the match started, all the seats were occupied. Late-comers had to stand.

At quarter to four, both the teams entered the field. They were in their colourful uniforms and looked quite smart and active. Exactly at 4.p.m. the referee blew the whistle and the play began. The teams seemed equally balanced. For a long time, it appeared. that no side would win, though both the sides played very well. The hall remained mostly in the centre of the field. Every player was doing his best but all their efforts seemed in vain.[the_ad id=”17141″]

Our players, however, began to press the players of Islamic College The forwards of the opposite team made several good moves but our players defended bravely. Their half-backs played extremely well. The captain of the opponent team was also a good runner. He once kicked the ball so hard that the goal was certain. But our goalkeeper who was the best goalkeeper in Lahore division was alert enough to save it. A few minutes before the interval, our captain stole a chance. He outwitted the defense of the Islamia College team and scored a beautiful goal. This made the opponents furious. They made several raids to our goal post hut in vain. The referee whistled and it was time for lemon.

The game in the second half became exciting from the beginning. The team of Islamia College did their best for an equalizer. But it was not an easy task to break the defense of our team. Our players also doubled their efforts to score another goal. During the last five minutes, the game was very brisk. But the long whistle ended the match.

Our team won the match. We were overjoyed on our victory. The Principal patted the captain’s back and a prize was awarded to him. All the players were tired but they were very happy on their success.

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