Short Paragraph on A City Street

By | April 1, 2018


  • Impression of movement, haste and bustle.
  • Type of men and women seen about us.
  • Animals, children, etc. Passing incidents.
  • Contrast between all this and the peace of the country.

On looking over a busy city street, the impression that one receives is that all the people are in a very great hurry. Men pass along with quick and hurried steps as if going to keep on importaħt appointment. Tongas drawn by ponies and luxurious motor cars race. along as if trying to be first. I am the only one who seems to have time to stop and contemplate the scene. I am watching them as if I had just lifted a stone and found a colony of ants beneath.

It is April, and the blaze of the sunshine increases the brightness of color in the gay-colored pagris and saris. People pass in an ever-flowing stream and the chatter of many voices is like the river when it flows over the stones of the ford. Rich men lean back in Rolls Royce cars; and in over-crowded carriages, thin horses draw fat clerks along to their work.

Short Paragraph on Temperance (390 Words)

The people who have neither car nor carriage walk along the side-path, keeping well unable the shadowy branches of the trees which protect them from the fiery rays of the sun. In a small island of shadow, like a quiet pool outside the main current of the river, a few recumbent figures are enjoying a nap, sleeping peacefully only a few feet from the passing traffic. They do not seem to be taking part in the battle of life.

In front of the shops, little groups of children play till the shopkeeper drives them away, fearful lest some childish prank may disturb and damage his wares. A stately, white bull makes its way leisurely through the traffic, and stops at one shop to help itself to some vegetables. It seems to look with scorn on the hustle, and bustle of the hurrying humans. Ownerless dogs bask in the dust of the roadway, undisturbed by the fact that wheels pass only a foot or so from their bodies. There is a spirit of action, hurry, endeavor in the air. I think of the rural clam in the streets of the village where I was born, and resolve that I shall not become a city-dweller.

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