Paragraph on the Educational Value of Broadcasting

By | April 20, 2018

In western countries, the radio is considered to be one of the most powerful instruments of education. In Pakistan, a ‘majority of listeners go in for it to listen to the recorded music. The average Pakistani feels bored by literary and scientific talks his great interest being the lighter items on the programme. This fondness for music, etc., is due to Pakistani listener’s peculiar way of thinking. He regards the radio much in the same way as he regards his gramophone.

In fact, we have a cultural lag in our country in the sense that our people have very limited recreation or amusement at their disposal with the result that they would always listen to radio to amuse themselves.

It is quite imperative that our people should recognize the educational value of broadcasting. The radio is a delightful home teacher if only one listens to it patiently and regularly. When we analyze the daily programme of a foreign broadcasting station, we find that there are innumerable useful talks on literary, political, social and economic subjects besides the daily dose of music and laughter.

Following are the advantages of radio service.

1: Immediacy

Radio enables us to know important events which otherwise we would have to experience second-hand. Especially in a country like Pakistan, where means of communication in the villages are very limited, this will serve a great cause.[the_ad id=”17141″]

2: Reality

A spectator who tells a radio listener what he sees, as he sees it, may be more impressive than a newspaper reporter dealing with an identical matter. There are two differences: the broadcaster is on the scene and the tones of his voice communicate shades of meaning that the newspaper story, hours, days, or even months after the event, cannot convey. We may not hear only the speaker’s voice but the background-the jungle cries on a hunting trip in Africa, a football game in America, the coronation of Queen Elizabeth II. It is now possible to broadcast from any part of the world.

3: Emotional Impact

Radio brings dramatic feelings to the listeners. It has the warmth of a drama, the personal feelings of the presence of actors. It can certainly carry to the listeners all the emotional overtones of the broadcast itself.

4: Group Values

It meets the problem of the dearth of teachers for a broadcast can be understood by hundreds of listeners.

5: Inexpensiveness

Used as a mass medium, the cost per capita of radio-listening is very small.

This does not mean that the use of broadcast obviates the need for teachers. On the other hand, it is a good agency which will help the teachers, and learning will become easier.

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