My Aim in Life to Become a Pilot

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My Ambition in Life to Join Air Force (PAF)

Man is an ambitious being. Every man and woman has some ambition dull and boring. Without an ambition life becomes purposeless. Ambition makes a person active, live and hard working. It inspires a man or woman to have the goal at the earliest. A person without ambition cannot rise in life. He will be a victim of indecision. However, over-ambition is dangerous. It is also bad to have ambition but not to match it with hard work, strong will and perseverance.

I am a young boy of 18 years. I am ambitious. For the youth of the country even the sky is not the limit. They can achieve anything they want. They are full of so much energy, courage and enthusiasm. They have all the possibilities. The opportunities before them are endless. But they have to decide wisely and then work hard and continuously to achieve that goal.

My ambition is to have wings to fly fast like an eagle in the skies. I want to become a pilot in the Pakistan Air Force. I want to serve my motherland in that capacity. Our country is very vast. Its area, borders and coastline are extensive. They need a vast and very efficient air defence system.[the_ad id=”17141″]

Air force plays a vital role in a country’s defence system. After completion of my studies, I want to join the Pakistan Air Force and become a pilot of a fighter aeroplane. The career in Air Force is so thrilling, adventurous and inspiring. It is also full of great responsibilities and risks. It demands great alertness, quick and right capacity to judge. Physical for a pilot in the Pakistan Air fitness of the top order is also essential Force. The training is long and difficult. It needs much endurance, patience, and perseverance. I think I have all these in a good measure. With the passage of time, they will grow further and ripen. I am already a cadet in the PAF College and am doing perfectly well. My instructors and officers are well satisfied with my training. They inspire me and hope to see me as an air force pilot in future. This training and instruction as cadet will help me a lot in my future course of becoming a pilot.

Our Air Force has a long and outstanding tradition of bravery, it has many matchless records both during wars and peace. I will like to be a part of it and to add something to it. Machines are important. But men are more important. This has been proved time and again by our pilots and airmen. During the past two conflicts with India, Pakistan Air Force did exceedingly defeat the enemy.[the_ad id=”17142″]

The striking power of the Pakistan Air Force is vast, long, penetrating and very precise. It is one of the greatest air forces in the world.

It has been modernized and upgraded from time to time. The recent purchase our air striking power. Moreover, we of F-16s has further strengthened our air striking power. Moreover, we are developing on our own, the most advanced multipurpose combat aircraft.

I am  I shall leave no stone unturned to achieve my ambition. I am ready to make any sacrifice for it. I know that God helps those who help themselves. Therefore, I am confident to achieve my goal soon as a dedicated air-pilot. As a senior cadet of the PAF College, I shall soon have the first test of flying in a training aircraft. But ultimately I look forward to flying at a very high altitude at a supersonic speed in a MiG, Mirage or F-16. I have no doubt that one day my dream will come true. Then my ambition to fly these wonderful machines will be fulfilled. My father has been of great help and inspiration in deciding for this career. His guidance has been an asset to me.

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