Essay on Newspaper Reading (500 Words)

By | March 31, 2018

Newspapers play an important role in our life. They form an integral part of our everyday life. People never miss them. Reading newspapers is the first activity of the morning with most of the educated people. Reading newspaper has become a regular habit with the people. With the spread of education and literacy, they are becoming more and more popular. Everybody is interested in them. Those who cannot read want them to be read. They listen to them read with attention and interest.

Newspapers give us the latest news of the home and the world. They provide us with news of everything. They are the cheapest, the richest and most popular source of the latest news. In this age of information, newspaper reading is a must. They increase knowledge and keep it updated. They inform the readers about the government, administration, policies, planning and other activities. They give information about what is happening in the world. They have interesting articles, stories, business news, advertisements, news about sports and games. They help in getting employment and jobs. Then there is local news. There is something for everybody, They can be real anywhere, anytime.

In Pakistan, there is a variety of daily newspapers. They have published in Urdu, English, and other Pakistani regional languages. Their total circulation comes to lakhs of copies daily. The largest number of newspapers are published from Lahore followed by Karachi. There are published the largest number of newspapers in Urdu. In English, there are about 20 daily newspapers. The Pakistan Times, The News, The Dawn, the Frontier Post etc., are some of the best known English newspapers.[the_ad id=”17141″]

A newspaper can be regional, national or international. Newspapers occupy a very important place in a democratic country like Pakistan. They form an important link between the government and the public. The public comes to know about the government’s policies etc., through them. They also keep the Government informed of the reactions of the public. Thus, they play a dual role. They help in increasing social awareness about social and national issues. They educate the public and help in removal of such evils like dowry, corruption, superstitions etc. Their free, front and fearless reporting is necessary for the success of a democratic society. But biased and prejudiced reporting can be of great harm. They are the watchdog of democracy and human rights. Thus, they play a very Constructive, social and political role.

Newspapers spread and promote patriotism and national feelings. They strengthen the bonds of unity and integrity. They bring people more close to one another. They expose anti-social and anti-national elements. Many scandals and cases of corruption in high places in Pakistan were brought public notice only because of them. They give expression to the grievances of the people and oblige the administration to redress them. They are a very powerful means of communication and mass media. We cannot think of life without them.

Newspapers carry great responsibility. Therefore, they have to be always truthful, alert and honest in their reporting. They have to play a constructive role. Bad, biased and misleading news can create havoc. They should never be used as a means of selfish propaganda. It would mislead and misguide the readers. False and prejudiced reporting gives rise to rumors and harms national interests. Therefore, they should not be allowed to be owned by dishonest, selfish and corrupt people. Highly sensational, exaggerated and communal reporting is called yellow journalism. It poisons minds of the public and must be strictly checked.

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