Essay on My Favourite Teacher (600 Words)

By | March 19, 2018

I am a student of XII class in a government aided private college is a well-known college of the city. It is a reputed college with over 1,500 students. There are about 40 teachers in our college. I have been a student of many of these teachers at one stage or another. But Mr. Aslam is my favourite teacher. He teaches us English.

Mr. Aslam is about 32 years of age. He is tall, slim and smart. He believes in high thinking and simple living. He is always dressed in simple and yet always looks dignified, attractive and sober. His manners are pleasing, good and liked by all. He is also an experienced Urdu teacher. He is double M.A. and M.Ed. He has masters or post graduate degrees both in English and Urdu. He is gentle, polite, soft spoken and yet strict in discipline. But he never believes in physical punishment. I have never seen him reprimanding a student publically or giving physical punishment. It looks as if he has a magic influence on all of us. And hence there has never been any serious discipline problem in the class.[the_ad id=”17141″]

He has teaching in his blood. Before partition, his father was lecturer in Aligarh and his mother a schoolteacher there. He was born in free Pakistan after partition. He has perfect command over English and Urdu. His knowledge of English language and literature is very good. His pronunciation is perfect, accurate and very clear. I feel fortunate to be his student so do feel other students. He looks upon us as his own sons. He takes keen interest in solving our college and personal problems.

His singing and sweet voice make it an excellent experience to have poetry lessons from him. He has committed many poems and valuable quotations to his memory. He makes a good use of them to make teaching and learning effective and memorable. He is serious and sober and yet he has much sense of humor. He likes sensible and appropriate humour. His talks are educative, interesting and full of literary references and anecdotes. Many of the teachers feel envious of him and his popularity among students.

He is also the principal advisor of our college song and drama club. He also prepares students for English debate and elocution contests. Under his able guidance many students have won a number of prizes and trophies in such competitions. He himself has won national award for excellent teaching and results. He is an asset to the college and student community.[the_ad id=”17142″]

Once, we went to visit to the Jahangir’s Tomb. We were surprised to know his vast and authentic knowledge about the Jahangir’s Tomb. He explained so many things about the monument in detail. The visit became so memorable only with Complete Urdu Translation because of him. His vast general knowledge shows his deep studies, interest and devotion to books. Reading is his only hobby. He has his own personal library at .books in Urdu and English and valuable home. It consists of choicest There are books on other subjects as well. He guides us in selection of the books and inspires us to spend part of our pocket money on the purchase of the good books. We went last year with him to visit the world book fair. It became a memorable experience.

He is equally popular among all the students. He takes keen interest in the welfare and progress of his students. He is always available for guidance, help and personal problems . It is because and advice in matters of studies I wish there were of his that I feel that teachers are really nations builders many more teachers like him. Mr. Aslam has influenced me most and many other students as well.

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