Short Paragraph on Sunrise

By | February 8, 2018


  • Introduction.
  • What one should do?
  • Its curative value.
  • It has been a subject of poetry.

Sunrise is one of the most beautiful scenes of Nature. It gives new life to all creatures and plants. Plainly speaking it means the end of dark night and the beginning of a fresh day.

One should get up early in the morning to enjoy the sight of sunrise. Not only this, one must climb a hill or some other high point. Before the sun comes out, the sky turns purple all round. The birds start chirruping and flowers emit smell. Soon the sun comes out behind the hills. At first it has a curved shape, but soon it forms a complete circle emitting sunshine all around. As the sun goes up, the circle becomes smaller but compact and one can hardly look at it with naked eyes.

Watching the sunrise and absorbing its magnetic waves gives a strange thrill of vitality and power. New ideas spring up. Poets got whole philosophy of life by watching the sunrise and sunset daily.

Sunrise has a curative value and many diseases are cured by its effects. The soft beams of the rising sun are especially beneficial to the eyes and strengthen our bones. It is because of the habit of seeing the sunrise daily that the early risers are always healthy. The rising sun spreads a golden sheet on Nature and coupled with the cool fragrance of buds, blossoms and flowers. it tones up our system’s and enhances physical beauty.

Sunrise has been a subject of poetry also. If not many poets have been attracted, it is because poets are generally lazy and late risers. Only those people can enjoy the beauty of the sunrise how are early risers. It is said that an Englishman doomed to death by Pathans in Kabul expressed his last wish to be spared till the next morning so that he could enjoy the beauty of sunrise before dying.

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