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By | January 23, 2018

[dropcap]S[/dropcap]cience has achieved wonders in the modern age. It has given eyes on the blind, ears to the deaf, hand and feet to the cripple and provided man with wings which nature has never given to him. Television is also one of the wonders of science. It has surely become one of most important means of recreation and propaganda. In today’s world, commercial satellites and cable system have revolutionized broadcasting across the globe.

Men love to wonder and that is the seed of science. Ralph Waldo

Impact of Cable TV on Our Society

T.V. has the magic of sight and sound. The viewers use both eyes and ears. The vast emerging market, of T.V. viewers, has attracted many foreign satellite companies to the country. Due to the availability of more than 100 of channels, thousands of Pakistani families are now enjoying interesting, educative, informative and thrilling T.V. programmes. Viewers have virtually a very wide choice. They can select programmes of their liking at any time of the day and night. There is CNN, Sony, Star TV, Zee TV, PTV, ATV, BBC, Discovery, MTV, Cartoon Network Animal planet, National Geographic etc. for the viewers. They can switch on their T.V. and enjoy their leisure time. The cable T.V. System is based on satellite transmission. It visually invades the homes and lives of millions of viewers who can be seen glued to their T.V. sets spending long late hours. The viewing of Cable T.V. programmes has now become all-pervasive.[the_ad id=”17141″]

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Satellite and Cable television cater to different tastes. So the people of all ages and categories have great liking and fascination for it. Sports, music, films, and different types of serials have very special programmes. Zee Music, Channel V, M.T.V. and channels of Punjabi music have virtually become a craze among young people because of their great music, flashes of bright colors, attractive and fashionable clothing, hi-tech musical instruments and romantic scenes.

“Science is always simple and profound.
It is only half-truths that are dangerous.” George Bernard Shaw.

So, we can say that Cable-viewing has become almost infectious because a lot of programmes are quite spicy, provocative”, inviting and gratifying. They do affect the morality of our new generation. This invasion from the skies has taken the cities and towns by storm and the common viewers to be overwhelmed.

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The Cable boom and satellite system has also taken its toll on studies, rest and sleep, social life, friendly gatherings and the unspeakable delights of conversation and discussion. This is what Matthew Arnold predicted in nineteen century.

The Good and Bad Effects on Children

The number of people in possession of any criteria for discriminating between good and evil is very small. T.S. Eliot

Children and adolescents shun school work, studies and games to watch their favorite films, serials, and songs on television. It surely. disturbs the viewers work schedule and hours of sleep because of long and late hours of watching T.V. All this has an adverse effect in terms of mental-poise, sound and sufficient sleep, productivity, efficiency, and tolerance, etc. This passive and pervasive entertainment is likely to create many more complexities yet not diagnosed.

In view of the growing popularity of satellite and Cable T.V. and the ever-expanding market, many new satellite companies have come on the front. Every company is fully determined to have more and more viewers. There are so many international companies of satellite T.V. America, Russia, Japan, Malaysia, Thailand and many other countries have started countless satellite channels. You just need a large dish antennae to have direct broadcast. Pakistan has also introduced a new channel namely P.T.V. World.[the_ad id=”17142″]

Give me a firm spot on which to stand, and I will move the earth. Archimedes

The programmes of this channel can be seen in any part of the world. The Russian Express series is a new generation satellite, for it is very popular with the young people. The first express satellite was launched in October 1994. Many satellite channels in India are linked to the Russian Express series. Some of them are also being shown in Pakistan. Briefly, all these facts indicate the popularity of satellite T.V.

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Advantages of Cable TV

The advantages of television and cable are so many. It is the most important means of recreation and entertainment. It is the most suitable medium for mass communication and education. It can also be used by the governments to propagate its views and plans.

Satellite TV provides great enlightenment in certain spheres of cultivation of mind: No other medium can impart such cultivation with equal efficacy Firstly, close and deep studies of nature, programmes about preservation and protection of wildlife in all parts of the world draw our attention and surely impart a great wealth of knowledge. The interest which such programmes create in human environment is lasting and extremely beneficial. The T.V. features on sea-Otter, dolphins, kangaroos and also on species of animals and insects facing extinction are educative and instructive.

The foundation of every state is the education of its youth. Diogenes

Secondly, the programmes on travel bring us in contact with remarkable places, charming scenes, waterfalls, rivers and beaches. For many, who will never be able to visit such far-off places, it is an interesting second-hand enjoyment. For those who can afford to go there, it is a stimulating introduction. Such programmes go a long way to widen our mental horizons. They show that there are far more interesting things and places in our world that were ever imagined.[the_ad id=”17150″]

Thus we are able to see the pyramids of Egypt and Greek temples. We enjoy the sight of Roman Arenas where gladiators used to display their skills in the past. We can also view the Great Wall of China and ruins of different ancient civilizations. T.V. has definitely enhanced the knowledge of the geography of every viewer.

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Thirdly, the most exciting programmes of satellite T.V. are great sports and athletic shows. The spectators are able to see the best athletes and sportsmen in Olympic Games which are telecast live. Beside thrills, the shows inspire millions of young sportsmen to improve themselves. These shows give a purpose and a direction to the lives of many ambitious athletes and sportsmen. World-Cup Hockey, World-Cup Football, Test-matches of Cricket, twenty and one-day series, badminton, tennis and golf competitions provide a lot of excitement and enjoyment to the viewers.


So, we can say that satellite television has phenomenally extended the reach of television. A television programme which only a decade ago, was watched by a few million people is now in the reach of a few billion people via satellite. There has been a manifold increase in the number and capacity of satellites to transmit T.V. programmes. Thus, there is no denying the fact that visual media of T.V. is exerting a powerful influence over the life and style of people. Pakistan is not immune from this influence. Although, the majority of Pakistani people have little knowledge of English language, yet they thoroughly enjoy the great spectacle of sports, fashion shows and English movies full of violence and glamour.

I hold that man is in the right who is most closely in league with the future. Menrik Ibsen

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