Paragraph on A Visit to a National Museum

By | January 19, 2018


  • What is a museum?
  • A kind of zoo with dead animals.
  • Preserves of old culture.

A museum is a house in which we keep in safe custody important things of the past. These records tell us how our forefathers So lived and worked. A museum is a very interesting place. By studying the old things there we come to know much of our history and culture of the bygone ages.

Last years we visited the Museum in Lahore. It is one of the best museums in Pakistan. It has very big halls full of the relies of the past. It preserves books of tree leaves written thousands of years ago. It has also an Egyptian mummy which must be several thousand years old. A mummy is a dead body embalmed with medicines to preserve it.

The Lahore Museum ha a big nature section. It is a kind of “Zoo” with dead animals of all sorts. These animals are stuffed. They look pretty,real from a distance. There is one sample of a whale, the biggest ever caught from the high sea. There is also a very big shark. There are quite a large number of stuffed snakes and various other kinds of animals.

There are several other museums in our country. A great deal of care is taken to preserve things from being worn out. Museums are government property. Students of higher classes and research scholars generally visit the museum io make researches on their subject of study. Many writers on history also visit museum to see such things there as throw light on the various facets of the past days.

The staff on duty in museums have to do a very responsible job. They have to preserve very old things, show them to the visitors, and also guide people to the things of their study. A visit to museum is very instructive. Many people come from abroad to study the past history and discover many things which are ordinarily unknown to the common man. Undoubtedly museums are the preserves of old culture and civilization. We can see the old times by just stepping into a museum.

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