Hostel Life is the Best Life Essay

By | January 24, 2018

Hostel Life is the Best Life (600 Words) Essay 1

Outlines about Hostel Life is the Best Life

  • life in a college hostel may be difficult, but is enjoyable

  • differences between hostel life and lie at home

  • pleasures of hostel life fix study homes in the hostel

  • the best friends are made in the hostel

  • dangers of friendship in the hostel

  • hostel life teaches students how to live in co-operation with others

“A college or university hostel is second home to the students with new members of the intellectual family.”

Life in a college hostel is easy as well as difficult. A student living in a hostel enjoys it. But sometimes he also faces some difficulties. First of all, hostel life is very different from life at home. A student in a hostel enjoys the friendship of other students. He can take advice from teachers. But he is away from the loving care of his parents. He cannot have their advice all the time.[the_ad id=”17141″]

A student learns in a hostel to live in an independent way. He depends on his parents at home even in small matters. But, in a hostel, he has to do a good many things himself. He has to take care of his clothes and shoes. He himself has to buy the things he needs. He has to pay the bills of the washer man, of the cafeteria and of the mess. He tries to live well within the money his parents send him.

A number of pleasures accompany the students living in a hostel. Often there is a common room where students can play different games like carom, table tennis, chess and ludo. They also have a radio, TV and CD (compact-disc) or DVD (digital video-disc) players. Students can arrange different interesting programmes of debating, games, tours to other cities and areas of the country, special dinners, music shows, etc. it is very heartening to find essay and poetry competitions arranged by students and teachers in different hostels.

Sometimes we come across (find by chance) wonderful plays staged in college hostels. A number of boys’ and girls’ colleges have dramatic clubs for this purpose. Some colleges arrange dramatic competitions between the regular students and the boarders, and the college administration takes a keen interest in them. There are fixed hours for studies and sleep in a hostel. Students may have to study for three or four hours every night. This makes them regular in their habits. Many famous leaders and professional men had stayed in hostels in their student life.

Very often a student makes the best of his friends in a hostel. There he has chances of understanding them closely. He stays with them day and night and can understand their habits, their likes and dislikes. He can, thus, make a proper selection of his friends. He can take their help in difficulty and can help them in turn. He can talk with them when he feels alone. He can also study and discuss his subjects with them. Thus, he does not feel lonely.[the_ad id=”17142″]

Friendship in a hostel has its dangers too. A student who develops a friendship with bad students can come to great harm. They can waste his time and misguide him. A student staying in a hostel has to be very careful about the choice of his friends and companions. Hostel life teaches a student how to live with others, outside his family or home. It can be a wonderful preparation for practical, independent life after studies.

Hostel Life is the Best Life with Quotational (1000 Words) Essay 2

The hostel is a building in which cheap food and lodging are provided for the students. who come from outside the city. Big colleges cannot be set up everywhere. It needs a lot of money to run them. So many students, who want to get a higher education, have to leave their homes. They go to the places where there are big colleges and every big college has a hostel. They have to apply for admission to the college hostel which is usually granted on merit. Anyhow, it is like a home for them. It is a world in itself. It has its deep impression and memories which remain alive till the last day of man’s life.

“Memory is the treasury and guardian of all things.” Cicero

It is said home is sweet, but life at home has no comparison to life in a hostel. Guests come and go constantly. One has to live with other members of the family. Often four, or five members share the single room. They go on talking and gossipings. There is thus constant disturbance. In fact, at home, there is no atmosphere for serious studies.[the_ad id=”17150″]

Hostel life is entirely different from the life at home. There is complete independence in a hostel. You may sleep whenever you like. You may get up late in the morning, but no one will question you. Apart from a few rules which everybody has to follow, one is his own master. There is complete freedom. Those who love freedom love hostel life.

Caged birds accept everything but the flight is what they long for.” Tennessee William


Advantages Hostel Life of Students

Love comforteth like sunshine after rain. Shakespeare

In a hostel, life is full of amusements. One is constantly in the company of one’s age fellows. One can make friend with anyone. Discussions of films and film stars, story-telling, singing, chatting, etc. add charm to hostel life. Indoor games, sports, Friday specials, eating competitions make hostel life so beautiful. Here a student comes in contact with other students. He acquires their good qualities. When a student sees others taking exercise, he also begins doing so. When one falls ill, the others nurse and look after him. Co-operation, sympathy, and love are the chief characteristics of hostel life.

We first make our habits and then our habits make us. Drydon



Hostel life gives practical training to a student in this mental, moral and spiritual development. Here the student is not under the close check of his parents. He has to perform his work with perfect independence. His habits become regular and his mind is disciplined. He has to obey the hostel rules at every cost. He is made to study during the study hours. He is not allowed to move outside after certain hours of the night. He learns the value of punctuality. He gets up early in the morning to say his prayers. Regularity in rising and sleeping keep him healthy and active.[the_ad id=”17144″]

In every hostel, there is a reading room. Many daily newspapers and magazines come here. The residents of the hostel can enrich their knowledge by means of this informative reading material. The common room has an attraction of its own. The students assemble in the evening and take part in various indoor games. Every common room is also equipped with a T.V. set. There are annual contests and competitions among the hostel students.

The moral development of a man can seldom begin till they are independent. Martineau

In the hostel, the students learn many things from one another. The students come to live in the hostel from various places of the country. Each student brings his own culture, tradition and language with him. The students exchange their views on different topics and thus learn many things from one another. They also share and sympathize with one another’s hardship and difficulties. Moreover, hostel life produces in the students a sense of confidence and self-help. The students have to live without the help of their parents. Every hostel student has to set the daily routine of life himself. He has to make his own bed, polish his own, shoes, press his clothes and manage his daily affairs of life.

Disadvantages Hostel Life of Students

“For all sad words of tongue or pen the saddest are these: It might have been” John Whittier

But this is one side of the picture. Hostel life has some drawbacks also. New students find a new atmosphere. The freedom of hostel leads them astray. They begin to smoke, gamble, and even to drink. Cinema-going becomes a routine. They choose evil-fellows as their companions. Parents send their wards to hostels for study, but they waste their time in merrymaking and enjoyment. They care little for the money they receive from their parents. They see the new film in the very first show. In this way, they forget their real aim. In later life, they have to repent for this folly.

They sometimes quarrel over little things. Parties and groups are formed among them. They heap weapons in their rooms and use them in their petty quarrels. Moreover, hostel life is also very expensive. Most of the parents cannot afford it. In spite of the disadvantages of hostel life, its educative value cannot be denounced.

The usefulness of a hostel depends upon its management. A badly managed hostel spoils its inmates. A well-managed hostel is a blessing for those who want to get a real education.

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