Essay on Smoking is Bad for Health

By | January 11, 2018

“Surely God wrongs not men, but themselves men wrong.” Koran

Smoking is a self-inflicted curse which has grim health implications and is fraught with quite serious socio-economic consequences. In Pakistan, smoking is becoming increasingly popular among young people who assume that it is essential to success, social prominence, fashion, fun and sexual attraction. But with the passage of time it becomes an addiction and refuses to leave the sufferer. Every packet of cigarettes reveals the warning that smoking is extremely injurious to health, but ironically millions of cigarettes are smoked every day.

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“Abad habit is first a caller, then a guest, and finally a master.” Drydon

In the beginning, the people of the subcontinent used to smoke hookahs, and cigarettes were not very popular. When Pakistan came into being there were no cigarette factories in the country; today their number is more than 70. These factories are producing billions of cigarettes and still cannot fully meet the demand of the smokers. The smoke of the cigarette contains nicotine which is a killer. [the_ad id=”17141″]

“When a habit begins to cost money, it is called a hobby.” John Ray



When someone inhales the poisonous smoke, nicotine starts getting diffused in his blood and makes him notoriously prone to various kinds of infection; many of them are quite deadly. The diseases caused by smoking are lungs cancer, bronchitis, stomach ulcer, loss of appetite and heart problems. The cancer of lips, tongue, mouth, and windpipe is also on the increase among chain smokers. Even the babies yet to be born have no escape from the noxious impact of smoking. The babies of smoking mothers are highly prone to respiratory infection and attacks of bronchitis and pneumonia than those of non-smokers.

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Once the habit of smoking is developed, it refuses to leave the sufferer. And the sufferer is ultimately doomed due to this noxious habit. But it is also noted that the impact of smoking on different persons is quite different. Some people develop a sort of immunity against the adverse effects of this bad habit. But most people have to face serious consequences regarding their health and work. Besides all the physical drawbacks mentioned above, the habit of smoking costs the people of the world near about a sum of 1000 billion a year. Even in Pakistan, almost 500 crore rupees are spent on this evil, and this amount is by no means a short account keeping in view the economic condition of the country. This financial loss is further aggravated by the great loss in the working capability of the masses, reduction in lifespan, the considerable increase in medication, negative impact on the viewers and the members of the family and last but not the least, it is a crime punishable under the rule of the government of Pakistan.[the_ad id=”17142″]

Smoking is by no means useful for anything. The infliction of ruin the loss of vitality, the reduction of endurance power, weakened eye-sight and stinking breath are the only returns of smoking. The smokers endanger not only their own lives but of all those who come within the range of their smoke. The law against smoking has virtually become a dead letter or rather a joke, for nobody cares a bit of it. Even the officials of law enforcing agencies can be seen smoking at public places. Cigarettes are easily available everywhere. The shopkeepers never get bothered about the age of the buyer while selling cigarettes.

Smoking Statistics in Pakistan

In Pakistan, a large number of youngsters who are below 18 smoke because cigarettes are easily available. Smoking has also become a fashion as most of the youngsters think that, it makes them look cool and intellectual despite knowing that it is awfully injurious to their health.

“For wider is the gate, and broad is the way, that leadeth to that destruction.” Bible, Matthew 7:13

The easiest way to save youngsters from this evil is that the guardians should first stop smoking themselves and set an example for their children. Smoking should be banned at all the public places. There should be no commercials of cigarettes on T.V., radio and in the newspapers. A countrywide campaign should be launched to make both the children and grown-ups fully aware of the deadly impacts of smoking. The cultivation of tobacco should be discouraged by the government. Tough legislation on this issue is urgently required and this time legislation should by no means be left unworkable.

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How to Control Smoking Addiction

All over the world, a hectic campaign against this highly dangerous evil has been going on for years together. Hundreds and thousands of hospitals and other private institutions have been set up for the eradication of this evil but we must keep in mind that nobody can help a smoker unless he is no ready to give up this nasty habit.

  • Firstly, he will have to leave the company of smokers.
  • Secondly, he must be fully aware of all the injurious effects of smoking.
  • Thirdly, he must have recourse to religion.
  • Fourthly, a mouthwash or some other latest devices can be used to counter the overwhelming desire for smoking.
  • Fifthly, if the sufferer is a young fellow, he can very easily combat this evil by diverting his attention from smoking to games and sports. He should begin to take an active part in sports.

“Rigid, the skeleton of habit alone upholds the human frame.” Virginia Woolf

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