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By | January 11, 2018

Population Explosion Essay – 400 Words

There has been an alarming increase in the population of Pakistan since the partition of the country. The massive increase in population can jeopardize the safety and security of the country and this increase is setting at naught all our plans and schemes. The existing population in Pakistan is not commensurate with its resources and overpopulation is surely an open invitation to poverty in a country where industry and agriculture are still backward. The need of the hour is that the population should be regulated strictly in conformity with the available resources.

The increase in population can be attributed to the fall in death rate and the rise in life expectancy. Infant mortality has gone down due to the availability of better medical facilities. The rapidly increasing population has given birth to the twin problems of unemployment and food.

Various factors are responsible for the growing population. Poverty and ignorance leads to more and more children in the lower strata of the society. Moreover, in some rural areas, a man with many sons and grandsons is considered to be lucky. The birth of a girl in the said areas is said to be a fiability while the birth of a son is an occasion to be celebrated. Couples having only daughters may go on producing children year after year until they get a son who alone can bring them salvation or moksha by performing their last sites.

Early marriage among Pakistanis makes the couples stay together at the most fertile period of their lives and this results into a team of children. The ignorant masses believe that every new child brings his own luck with him and the manual workers look upon the arrival of a male child as an addition to their earning capacity.

It is necessary to tackle the problem of over-population in the interest of the economic prosperity of all Pakistanis. Family planning, whose object is to control the size of a family and to prevent the births of too many children, can play a useful role in this regard. Nothing should be left to chance and people should be made to realize that the need of planning a family is to have a better standard of living. Government hospitals and primary health centres should make a commendable contribution to family planning.

Population Explosion Essay – 1100 Words

Adam and Eve were turned out of Eden with curse,

“Go forth and multiply”

The curse is still at work and now this multiplication of men and women has assumed the form of population explosion. It has given birth to multidimensional problems across the globe. A rapidly rising population has made economists, sociologists, environmentalists, administrators, and politicians very much worried about the future of humanity. The dragon of overpopulation is eating away all our resources and threatening the joys of those who will follow us in this world and in Pakistan as well.

“Suffering is the sole origin of consciousness.” Dostoevski

[the_ad id=”17141″]The population of Pakistan is constantly growing at the rate of 2.77 percent. This rate is obviously among the highest in the world regarding the increase in population. If the increase at this rate continues, the present population of Pakistan will surely double by the year2020. More population may be desirable in the countries which are suffering from the shortage of manpower. More population will provide them with more workers. But its surely undesirable in the countries which are already facing the problem of over problem of over population. More population in such countries will give rise to more economic and social problems like shortage of food, shortage of housing facilities, overcrowding in cities, diseases, low investment, unemployment, crimes and poor environmental safeguard. It is a matter of grave concern for Pakistan where millions of people have no access to health services, clean drinking water, sanitation facilities and education. As the resources of Pakistan are limited, things are going from bad to worse due to the population explosion.

“A wounded deer leaps highest.” Emily Dickinson

Main Factors That Causes Overpopulation

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  • Firstly, the difference between the death rate and the birth rate is responsible for this malady. The modern methods of disease control have surely brought about a great fall in death rate. But no efforts have been made to control the high birth rate. Thus as things stand, the population is bound to increase.
  • Secondly, poverty is also the cause of this problem in a roundabout way. The people of lower classes breed like swine. They are totally ignorant towards the frightful effects of overpopulation. As they lack resources for outdoor entertainments, they always seek the company of their wives for enjoyment without using any family planning devices. All this results in over pupation.

    “Poverty demoralizes.” Ralph Waldo

  • Fourthly, the lack of female education is also responsible of this troublesome problem. An illiterätels woman never knows about the harmful effects of a large family. She is often exploited and be fooled by her husband.Thirdly, the early marriages are also one of the causes of population explosion. The people of the lower classes always get their children married at an early age due to lack of education. So the couple of this type having no sex education virtually becomes a child producing machine.
  • Fifthly, the negative role of our religious scholars and religious parties is also the great hindrance to check the over population in Pakistan. They openly oppose all the family planners. The term all the family planning devices and methods as un-Islamic. They rather preach people to produce more and more children in order to fight against the enemies of the Muslims.

    The devil can cite scripture for his purpose. Shakespeare

  • Sixthly, the lack of consistent policy about family planning has also resulted in over population. The rapid change of governments destroys all the plans and the new government has to start from scratch.

Our country, Pakistan, with a population of 180 million is the ninth most populous country in the world. Almost all the governments made different plans to check the rapid growth of population, but no policy has brought about the desired results. More sincere and committed efforts are required to face this menace. It should be recognized at all levels. The planners, policymakers, politicians and all – the other concerned must realize the gravity of the issue, for the responsibility of the future, begins today.

Government Plans for Population Control

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  • Firstly, the government of the country should make utmost efforts to increase literacy rate, for educated couples can easily perceive the bad effects of a large family.
  • Secondly, early marriages should be discouraged. More and more incentives should be given to those who marry late.
  • Thirdly, family planning programmes should be launched more effectively. The public should be motivated to have only two children. Different welfare programmes should be started for the couples who cooperate with the government in this regard.
  • Fourthly, the local governments along with their councilors and nazims can do a great service in this respect. The councilors and nazims can be very effective especially in the rural areas. In the same way, all the political and religious leaders can do great work in order to get quick and positive results.

    Good but rarely came from good advice. Lord Byron, Don Juan

  • Fifthly, seminars, workshops and conferences should be arranged at all the places to inform the public about the adverse effects of the evil of overpopulation.
  • Sixthly, media should play its positive role to check the growth of this evil. Discussions and debates should be arranged on the topic of population explosion and its devastating effects on society. Proper TV commercials and impressive plays can also be very fruitful in this regard.
  • Seventhly, NGOs should come forward to help the government machinery. They should raise funds in order to distribute the medicines freely among the poor couples. Non-governmental organizations should be bound to make different programmes on the World Population Day, 11 July.
  • Eighthly, a national census should be carried out every three years in order to check the increase or decrease in birth rate.
  • Ninthly, the government should open free clinics for providing information, advice and other medical facilities to the masses at large.

    The greatest griefs are those we cause ourselves. Sophocles

  • Tenthly, the fertility rates will have to be reduced immediately to achieve somewhat a stable population in the future. Girls and women should be taught to have between two to three children each.

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In this way, they will do a lot to take the country to the road of progress and prosperity. So, family planning should be taught as part of some subject both at college and university level. Briefly, the study and planning of population has now acquired new dimensions for it has become a matter of serious concern to all. Biologically, populations are kept under control by some factors such as diseases, wars, shortage of food, floods, earthquakes etc. But the current rate of population growth seems to have outdone all the biological checks. The cancer of overpopulation is now destroying the very socio-economic fabric of the country. Unless the present growth of population is checked in some way or the other, there would only be enough room on this planet for the masses to stand upright.

“Our problems; are man-made; therefore they may he solved by man.”

Population Explosion Essay – 500 Words


  • Introduction
  • Reasons
  • Effects
  • Suggestions
  • Conclusion

The population of Pakistan is increasing at an alarming rate. This has given rise to multidimensional problems in our country. At present, it has become difficult for the government to meet the rapidly growing needs of the huge population with its scarce resources. The growth rate of Pakistan is among the highest in the world. Every year almost four million people are added to already overburdened economy. This rapid increase in population has become an obstacle in our economic progress.

A great number of people have no access to the health services. The safe drinking water is also not available at many places. Many people do not have sanitation facilities. A lot of children are not provided with primary education. According to a report issued by United Nations, about four million people are living below the poverty line. The ever-increasing population has created housing and settlement problems.[the_ad id=”17151″]

Majority of the population of our country lives in the rural areas. In these regions, agriculture is the only profession and in agricultural processes, children are considered very helpful for the parents. This factor encourages parents to have more children. The male baby is welcomed more warmly than a baby girl. This factor acts as an incentive for more and more children, till a suitable number of male babies is achieved. In addition to these, the early age marriages in the rural areas prove potential large size family-makers. Another factor is polygamy which is allowed and practiced in our society. This gives rise to enlarged family size.

As of 2012, the average global birth rate is 19.15 births per 1,000 total population. According to the CIA’s The World Factbook, the birth rate in Pakistan, in 2012, is 24.30 while in New Zealand it is 13.57, UK 12.27, Canada 10.28, Germany 8.33 and Hong Kong 7.54.

Some problems associated with human overpopulation are inadequate drinking water, effluent discharge, depletion of natural resources, increased levels of pollution, poverty, low life expectancy, unhygienic living conditions and elevated crime rate.

It is the matter of faith with the Muslims that Almighty Allah provides the needs of every child and the parents are having no obligation in this regard. The Muslims are a staunch believer in fate and so they do not follow family planning programs. These programs are generally considered against the spirit of Islam.

Government of Pakistan applied several measures to reduce the adverse impacts of overpopulation. Government has begun to implement social marketing strategies in order to educate the public on overpopulation effects. A variety of print materials (flyers, brochures, fact sheets, stickers) are produced and distributed throughout the communities. Certain government policies are making it easier and more socially acceptable to use contraception and abortion methods.

In late 1990s the government of Pakistan started two programs to control the over population. These were named as primary health care and population planning. These were implemented through the Ministry of Health and Ministry of Population Welfare respectively.

To resolve the issue, the following suggestions may prove very fruitful. Marriages in mature age should be encouraged. The services of Ulemas should be utilized in order to convince the people that family planning programs are not contrary to Islamic values.

The electronic media should also be utilized to convey the message to the public. Now the time has come that if we want to make Pakistan a prosperous country, we should not leave any stone unturned in reducing the population growth rate. This will lead the country towards a stage where it will be able to provide all the basic necessities of life to everyone.

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  1. Moss Gen

    Knew many people who were fortunate to get out of Pakistan and start a new life in another country. Free from the shackles of rigid Islam and a corrupt government. Education especially for young girls and women is the key, education away from any Islamic interference as it stifles the freedom of expression for women. And gives the false sense of superiority of men over women. The boneheaded ignorant nature of too many men in Pakistan is one of the most serious problems that must change if Pakistan is too deal with the unbridled population growth.


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