Target Killing Essay in English

By | December 27, 2017

[dropcap]I[/dropcap]t is a dismaying fact that while looking around the whole globe we find that Pakistan is under the darkest shadows of target killing. The world is enjoying peace and prosperity while we are struggling and fighting against the monster evil like target killing. The wave of target killing has darkened our beautiful homeland. [the_ad id=”17141″]We are the worst victims of this curse for almost a decade. The losses caused by this inhuman act are uncountable as well as irreparable.

Before we can talk about the causes of target killing, it is beyond imagination how can one man or a group of people target other fellow being for killing? Very simply words always fail to find any possible explanation of this brutal act as this is undoubtedly an incomprehensible activity.

Looking at Karachi, Peshawar of Quetta we find this heart-rending spectacle that a large number of people die each day in target killing. The electronic and print media display the ugliest acts of target killing resulting in the deaths of innocent people.

  • Is it an uncontrollable act?
  • Is it the failure of law and order maintaining agencies?
  • Is it a conspiracy against the state of Pakistan?
  • Is it an evil plan of the enemies?
  • Is it the result of some inner weak point of ours?

[the_ad id=”17142″]Such uncountable questions do come to every sane person’s mind and yet the answers are to be provided by the responsible persons and institutions. But above all questions, the most vital are:

  • Why Pakistan?
  • Why always Pakistan on the hit list as a target, a target of terrorism, drone attacks, bomb blasts and target killing?
  • The culprits come, kill and go but the responsible authorities fail to apprehend the culprits. How and why the target killers have the freedom to do these acts time and again in almost any part of the country?
  • Can’t they be targeted to be arrested and given exemplary punishments?
  • Do they come and land from the unknown planets?
  • Is the target killing that easy in Pakistan that anyone can kill anyone at anytime, anywhere he wants and plans?

Target killing is an ugly scar on the beautiful and shiny face of Pakistan. It is a crime against an individual, a nation and the whole humanity. There cannot be any reason or justification for this brutality and inhuman act.

Alas! Hundreds of innocent lives have been lost in just one year (2012) and yet to-date not a single criminal has been caught and punished.

How can we think of eliminating this poison from our dear homeland?

We can pray for those who have been the victims and we can pray to Almighty to send angels to control this curse our authorities have failed miserably to relieve the people for the stranglehold of target killing. We are losing hope like the victimized families. [the_ad id=”17150″]But i request the responsible persons and institutions to please think about Pakistan and its people! You might live in securities but we only live under the sky. The only words that echo in the corridors of our minds are

“As flies to wanton boys are we to target killers.”

We request those hidden hands who plan to target us please do commit the crime against humanity. Remember there is going to a judgment day by Almighty Allah. Police and law enforcement agencies have sometimes come under criticism for their ineffectiveness. For the most part, targeted killings in Karachi have been attributed to political, religious and ethnic reasons. There are speculations about the killing but no real proof has been found against any party. O target killers’ you are targeting us today what if Allah Almighty targets on that day, Just think for a moment.

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