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By | December 27, 2017

My Ambition in Life Essay – 1000 Words

Choice not chance, determines mans destiny because every accomplishment, great or small, starts with the right decision. The right and timely choice of a career is of fundamental importance. It is so crucial that the future success or failure of a person depends on it. A correct choice of career may lead to success, happiness and prosperity, while a wrong and late one may lead to. sorrow, failure and lifelong frustration. To avoid this sort of situation, one should try to choose one’s career as early as possible.[the_ad id=”17141″]

“The ripest peach is highest on the tree.” Sackville, The Ripest Peach

There is an infinite variety of professions and Jobs, which may lead one to confusion. It makes the choice of a career all the more difficult. In a situation like this, mans aim and ambitions play very important role. Rather, they are the main source of inspiration.

Everybody has his own dreams and desires which he wants to fulfill in his future life. Many of boys and girls want to pursue the careers such as engineering, law, commerce, computer programming. Some want to enter the professions like journalism, publication, government employment, other seek positions in police, armed forces and bureaucracy. Some wish to start their own shop, factory or workshop, others would like to choose acting, films, commercial art, photography or become a stenographer and a writer. Anyhow, whatever the aim or ambition may be, it must be propped with strong will power and constant efforts in order to reach the goal.

“Ambition should be made of sterner stuff.” Shakespeare, Julius Caesar

I also entertain a long-cherished ambition and it is really worth striving to achieve it. It has given a definite purpose to my life. My aim in life is to be a devoted and celebrated teacher. There is no denying that teaching is the noblest profession all over the world. This task calls for missionary zeal and spirit to serve the nation at large. Teachers are the real builders of their nation. A teacher keeps working throughout his life for the bright future of his puplis. As he works in the quarry of human hearts, his work remains unnoticed and unseen. Only devoted, dedicated and intelligent teachers can raise civilization to great heights. All the great and noble men owe a lot to their teachers for their greatness and success.

“And gladly would he learn and gladly teach. Chaucer

One of the main reasons of the declining standard of education is the shortage of good and committed” teachers. The teachers of today are more interested in their private academies and tuition work than their actual duty at any college or school. Such teachers always try to dodge their duty and resultantly bring disgrace on themselves and their profession. It also accounts for poor discipline in schools and colleges.

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A teacher ought to be and must be a model and example for his or her students. He should be noble, kind-hearted, punctual and dutiful. He must remain above all distinctions and discriminations. These qualities can make teachers popular with the students and their parents.

“To know how to suggest is the art of teaching.” Albert Smith

Unfortunately, the social and financial status of a teacher is declining rapidly. The teachers are low-paid community and this materialistic society gives respect and honor only to wealthy members. There is a lot of hue and cry asking for reasonable social status for teachers, but nothing has been done so far in this regard. I sincerely believe that an honest and dutiful teacher can make a respectable and esteemed place for himself. Also I am fully determined to work for the betterment and uplift of the teaching profession. Thus I will try my best to help this community regain its lost glory and status.[the_ad id=”17142″]

“Education pays less when you are an educator.” Franklin

Common people cannot perceive the real nature of this profession. Teaching profession places a huge demand on the teachers mental, moral and physical qualities. He is always expected to possess a fine memory, excellent teaching ability, exemplary character and reasonable good health. He is answerable to the parents, to the state and to God for his responsibility to educate the people of his courtry. As I have already perceived all the difficulties and responsibilities of this profession, I am preparing myself accordingly

“A teacher affects eternity; he can never tell where this influence stops.” Henry Adams

There are some obvious reasons of why I have chosen this profession. Firstly, it develops love for knowledge. Secondly, it brings a teacher great pleasure to see his students rising higher and higher regarding social status and dignity. Thirdly, it brings him, high respect from students and great admiration from scholars. Fourthly, it brings psychological, mental and spiritual satisfaction. Fifthly, it provides the teacher with a fair chance to build up and serve his nation. I firmly believe that this is the work of supreme importance.[the_ad id=”17150″]

“The mediocre teachers tell. The good teachers explain. The superior teachers demonstrate. The great teachers inspire.” Emerson

It will be a great service to my country if I would be able to inspire the students with noble ideas for the accomplishment of good deeds. I will surely try my best to inculcate a sense of responsibility and duty among them. If I can foster a sense of discipline and inspire the coming generations with the Quaids motto, namely faith, unity and discipline, I would feel well of myself for choosing the right profession. I sincerely hope to achieve all these aims. And I am working accordingly for the realization of my aim.

My Ambition in Life Essay – 350 Words

Something that you want to do or achieve very much is called ambition. It can’t be said that everyone necessarily has a plan of life to pursue. But most of people have some idea of career. It is advisable that we should devise a plan of life. There must be some aims to achieve. By this way, we can lead a purposeful and healthy life.

Everyone has his own like and dislike. I want to lead a simple and peaceful life. I want to have basic need of life with leisure so that I may engage in my favourite pursuits for some time daily.

Most of the professions require long working hours. They do not spare one for moment to enjoy life. Teaching is the only profession that offers spare time on your disposal. But this is not the only reason of my choice. Teaching is my passion as well. A wise saying guides me in this regard:

“You should choose the job you love and you will never have to work a day in your life”

[the_ad id=”17144″]Teaching the youth is my ambition. Clean and spacious environment of college always fascinates me. There I meet the vibrant young one, full of life and vigour. There, I do not have to mingle with common folk rather I meet an educated lot, neatly dressed with mature minds and pleasant attitudes
I have a great opportunity to express my thoughts and convey my knowledge. A i am fond of reading, I find a suitable environment of learning in this career by consulting library and other means of study.

We listen a lot about corruption in the medical profession, engineering and civil service but education is a field of commonly honest and dedicated professionals.

Usually profession of teaching is considered an easy one but this is a misconception. An ideal teacher must be up to date. He must be aware of the new methods and technique of teaching. He must keep abreast of all the latest developments in his subject. And all this requires is a great perseverance.

Generally, teachers rely on the tailor-made methods and techniques of teaching. I would create new ways of learning. I would pay attention to make my students true learners. I would like them to prepare themselves not only for examination but also do research work. All this is possible only establishing good communication with them. I would facilitate my students in every aspect of their academic endeavor.

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