Essay on Modern Life for Students

By | December 27, 2017

[dropcap]T[/dropcap]his is an age of machines. All the spheres of life are mechanized. The presence machines cannot be eliminated from any field of life. There is no doubt that machines have made life easy and comfortable yet the intelligentsia considers this dominance of machines undesirable and a threat to morality of man. During the last century the invention of machines has beaten all previous records. Human life has been mechanized in very quick time. Man has invented machine for each and every purpose. It seems as if a machine is a prerequisite to do anything.

Business is mechanized. Pen and paper deals are giving way to mechanic deals. Now business is done on telephone, faxes, Telexes, internet and laptop computers. The delivery is also mechanized.[the_ad id=”17141″] Heavy vehicles do these jobs quite quickly. Loading and unloading is no more human responsibility. In the field of medical, the medical men are using a large number of machines. The machine is a doctor, a physician, a Surgeon and a chemist. Laser operations, scans, ultra sounds are frequently being used. Modern medical research and treatment is machine dependent.

Education has also accepted modern trends of mechanism. Now audio-visual aids are being used in the classrooms. The use of computer is a must in modern education. Calculators and other appliances are in use. Internet discussions are very common.
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In modern times mechanisation is the trademark of development. The more use of machines is a symbol of more advancement. In other words, the nations are recognised with the quality of their technology. Advanced nations possess advanced technology while backward nations lack it.

Modern life is unimaginably fast. All the means of communication and transportation are seconds and microseconds based. Time and space have been conquered to a great extent. Internet is the latest proof of it. The trends of entertainment have also undergone great changes. Now physical and social activities are fading away and more mechanical pleasures are in vogue. The children play video and computer games while the elders feel entertained by the cable, dish and VCR.

Modern homes and home appliances both are mechanical. Machines are home architect, home constructors and home decorators. All the facilities are mechanical.

Evils of Modern Life

Modern mechanised living is not at all faultless. There are a number of weak points. The most dangerous has been is the spiritual and moral degradation. Modern man is not humane and loving. Modern man is hard-hearted and cruel-minded. His accommodating attitude and sympathetic quality has decreased to a great extent. Every man lives and dies in his own small world or personal orbit.[the_ad id=”17142″]

The modern advancement has affected the very fabric of the society. Individualism is the hallmark of modern living. Collective interests and thinking is fading away. Now society is not interest bound, it is rather manipulation bound.

Culture and civilization have also suffered huge loss at the hand of modern advancement. Cultural activities are of no value. It is said that the classical pieces of literature will no Ore be created and read.

In the end we can say that in view of the machine dominance it seems that man has surrendered before the Supremacy of machines. He has forgotten that he is the supreme creature in the universe. He has to realize that he made machines he was not made for machines. Man also has to change his inhuman attitude cultivated by machines.

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