Patience and Perseverance Overcome Mountains Paragraph

By | September 15, 2016


  • We can overcome difficulties.
  • Real test in facing difficulties.
  • We must watch and see.
  • In the absence of these qualities, other qualities will not help us.
  • Examples of great men.
  • Quotation; Say not the struggle naught availeth.

This is wise saying. It encourages persons in different walks of life to achieve their aims by steady work. A person can cross a mountain or can level it to the ground by patience perseverance. Taking this in a broad sense, it means that a person can overcome greates difficulties by patience and perseverance.

The beginning of any work is easy. But after some time we are faced with obstacles and difficulties. Then come setbacks. They are not failures, but weak-minded persons take them as failures. Hence they lose patience and do not make further efforts. Let us not forget that even failures are stepping stones to success. When difficulties surround us, we must be patient. We must which and see. But mere, patience is not enough; we must persevere in our efforts to achieve our aim. Perseverance is one great secret of success in life. It is the mother of good luck. Perseverance, when steadily practiced even by the most humble, will rarely fail to bring success.

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In the absence of patience and perseverance other qualities such as intelligence, wisdom, etc., will not be of much use in achieving success. Great poems, good works of art and great invention are the results of patience and perseverance. Had their authors been impatient and indolent, most of them would not have seen the light of the day.[the_ad id=”17141″]

If we read the lives of great men, we find that almost all of them became great with the help of patience and perseverance. King Bruce failed six times to make his country (Scotland) free, but he did not lose heart. He continued his efforts and was crowned with success. Sultan Mahmud Ghaznavi struggled for 30 years against the Rajput Princes of India, and as last conquered northern part of this country.

Demosthenes, who stammered in speech, became the greatest orator of his age, by patience and perseverance. Napoleon-a sailor’s son became the Emperor of France by hard and steady work. Life of Quad-i-Azam teaches the lesson of patience and perseverance.

Hence the poet has rightly said:

Heights by great men reached and kept
Were not attained by sudden flight;
But they while their companions slept
Where toiling upwards in the night

Thus we should be patient and should, again and again, return to the task till success is achieved. Let there be difficult obstacles and even failures. All these will be reduced to nothing by the strong but steady force of patience and perseverance.

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