Short Paragraph on A Pakistani Bazar

By | August 1, 2016

Short Paragraph on A Pakistani Bazar

In a Bazar, there are regular shops of grain dealers, cloth merchants, jewelers, grocers, and general merchants. Then there are the fruiterers, vegetable sellers, milk sellers, and the tempting sweetmeat sellers. Besides these, there are numerous temporary stalls. The hawkers and rehriwalas are all loured in the praise of their goods. Some bazars, like the Anarkali of Lahore, or the Kashmiri Bazar, are remarkable for neatness and the modern up-to-date methods of buying and selling which are certainly far more convenient than those of old days. But the majority of bazars is dirty. Neatness and order are generally conspicuous by their absence in an ordinary Pakistani Bazar.

Files are a great nuisance, those shops where ‘earables are sold at breeding-places of these dangerous insects.

The shouts of the shopkeepers, the haggling haggling, the give this and the take that, the bustle and noise of labourers and mechanics, the rattling of carriages, and the occasional shrill ‘too hoo’ of motor-cars are the peculiar features of an Pakistani bazar.

There are shops on both sides, facing each other, leaving a road between for foot-passengers and traffic, but sometimes the shopkeepers in their anxiety of display their goods more temptingly trespass on the road, thus making in difficult for men and carriages to pass.

It is very interesting tv see villagers walking through the bazars with their mouths wide open with wonder at the things they see. They halt at each shop and look with wistful eyes at the curiosities and delicacies so temptingly arranged before them.

It is a pity that in an Pakistani bazar, we find shops of different kinds all in one place a cloth merchant’s shop near that of a halwai, and a sweetmeat-seller sitting next door to a butcher. This is bad from the sanitary point of view. There should be different market-places for different commodities. This would be very convenient for the buyers, and enchance the utility of the bazar. Municipal laws should be strictly enforced in order to ensure cleanliness, to save people from deception, and to prevent adulteration of foodstuff. and the sale of rotten fruits and vegetables.

A Pakistani bazar, with all its defect, is still a very interesting place. It is the best common meeting great for all kinds of people, and in the best means of promoting trade and industry.

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