Paragraph on My First Ride in a Bus

By | August 16, 2016


  • Went to Karachi.
  • I waited for a bus.
  • Some experiences.
  • An old fat lady sat near me.
  • I returned in the same bus.

Last year during the Eid-ul-Fitr Holidays, I went to Karachi for the first time. There I put up with my friend who accompanied me wherever I went. One day I showed my desire to have a ride in a bus. But as he had no time, he gave me detailed instructions about the route of the bus, its number and its destination. Then I went to General Post Office to catch a bus. A bus came near the stoppage within a few minutes, but it was over-crowded.

Then came the second, the third and the fourth, but like Tantalus my. thirst for a joy-ride in the bus remained unsatisfied. To stand and wait in this way was very tiresome. At last a bus came and I got into it. It was a double-decker bus with no roof on it. Straightway I went to the upper deck to enjoy the open-air ride.

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Before I had taken my seat, the bus topped suddenly with such a roughed jerk that I was overthrown on the front seat. Thereafter I composed myself in my seat and started surveying the road. On one occasion the bus took such a curved that it was inclined on one side, as we sometime see a boat inclined on one side. It seemed for a moment that the bus would fall on one side. But my fright was without foundation.[the_ad id=”17141″]

After a while the bus came on the straight wide road. Now it increased its speed and the houses on both the sides seemed to pass by hurriedly. The sun was setting and the sky looked beautiful. Cool breeze was blowing over my head. I just thought: “How pleasant it would be, if we had portable houses!”. Then I compared this ride, with that in a bullock-cart. While I was musing in this way, the breeze suddenly increased and took away my cap from over my head. The fellow-passengers laughed merrily at my misfortune so that I became a bit nervous.

Thereafter an old fat lady came sat near me. She occupied so. much sake that I was practically pressed into the very side of the bus. Two girls just sitting behind me whispered something and then smiled heartily. Not until they left the bus, did I dare to raise my head to see all around me.

At Empress Market the bus stopped, but I did not get down. After a few minutes my return journey commenced. It was more o less a romantic ride without any untoward incident. The moon was in over my head in the cloudless sky. The roads were lit with street-lemps. The bus then ran through some beautiful locality. Straight, wide roads, symmetrical hou, ed some of which were decorated with dazzling lights, etc., gave it an appearance of some romantic city such as we hear of in the Arabian Nights.

After some time the bus entered some busy locality dragging me from romance to grim reality. At last I got down at Boulton Market. Even to-day I remember that pleasant ride in the bus. I wish I were once more in Karachi, to enjoy it again.

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