Short Paragraph on The Dog

By | June 17, 2016


  • Originally a wild animal, now domesticated.
  • Different kinds of dogs have different uses.
  • Even a dog which has no particular service may be a pet.
  • It is dangerous to neglect your dog.

Long ago, when man was a jungle dweller and did not live in towns, dogs lived in the jungles in packs. They still do in many parts of Pakistan and India, and pack of red dogs can be very terrible in the way in which they hunt down and destory the deer and other animals. But, at some time, man saw that the dog could make a good and useful servant, so he took the dog into service. Well has the dog earned the title of “The friend of man.”

Different kinds of dogs have different uses. The strong mastiff and bull-dogs, as well as other kinds, are useful as watch dogs to protect our homes and keep robbers away. Some assemble the flock when it is time to go home and see that none is missing. The spaniel is useful to the sports man, for it finds out by scent where birds or animals are. The retriever can also do this, and it will search for a bird which has been shot and bring it back. Greyhounds are very fast and not so very useful, though in Europe there are sports meetings where thousands gather to see greyhounds Face against each other. The strong Alsatian, which looks like a wolf, is used by the police to keep law-breakers at bay, and the bloodhound has such a keen sense of smell that it can follow a man by smell and lead the police to him after miles of search.

Some dogs there are, often of mixed breed, which cannot do any important work. But I have one at home who is a good friend and always welcomes me with a friendly bark and a wag of his tail. It is possible to get friendship and love from one’s dog. But there is one serious diseases which comes to a dog at times, called rabies. A dog with rabies becomes mad and foams at the mouth. If that dog bites a person, that usually means that the one who is bitten will die a terrible death. So a dog should be carefully looked after, kept clean, and not allowed to go with dirty stray dogs which may carry infection. A good friend like the dog requires a little friendship in return, and it is sad to see how neglected and diseased many dogs are!

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