Short Paragraph on Our Busy Doctor

By | June 21, 2016


  • Introducing our doctor.
  • His dispenser.
  • Variety of patients.
  • Patient examination.
  • The nature of his work and his daily life.
  • Free treatment for the poor.
  • Doctor’s resting day Sunday.

Our doctor is a very busy man, day and night. Yet we find him always cool and collected. When we go to him he has a kind word and a sweet smile for every member of our family. He has been our family doctor for the last ten years. He is himself a very healthy and robust man this is a good advertisement of himself.

There are some doctors, who maintain big dispensaries. They have excellent furniture and a big sign-board, but they are found reading newspapers with their legs on the table. But our doctor is so busy that he works from seven in the morning till ten at night. In the morning he goes on his round of visits and then attends to the patients collected in his dispensary.

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What a variety of patients our doctor has! Some have come with a complaint of fever, some with a headache, a backache, or some with a toothache. Some have malaria, some have influenza and some have typhoid. Some patients are suffering from skin disease, while others are complaining of the loss of appetite. He takes each patient by turn, examines him with his stethoscope, sees his tongue, looks into his eyes, taps his stomach and asks him to mention his complaints. Then he writes down something on his prescription paper, which none but his compounder can read. Sometimes he gives injections of various kinds of different patients.[the_ad id=”17141″]

Our doctor is an M.B.B.S. With Twenty years’ practical experience. His room are always filled to capacity with all types of patients. There are men, women and children, rich and poor; old and young; carpenters and blacksmiths; businessmen and brokers; teachers and hawkers; millowners and milkmen all seem to have implicit faith in the doctor. The doctor makes no distinctions between one patient and another. He is courteous to everyone.

Some busy doctors examine patients carelessly and prescribe medicines hurriedly. But our busy doctor examines the patients patiently and carefully. That keeps him all the more busy, because he has to spend more time after every patient. Thereby he cures patient quickly, becomes more popular and his patients increase.

The doctors, compounder is also a busy man. He goes on handing the bottles and collecting money. I guess, our doctor must be making at least a hundred rupees a day from giving mixtures alone. But our doctor is not greedy. If he finds a poor man unable to pay, he gives not only free medicine to him, but also gives him some money out of his pockets to buy fruits.

Our doctor has a number of visits day and night. If there is an urgent case he has also to get up in the middle of the night. The doctor has no rest during the day or peace at night. He is a servant of the suffering of humanity. The only rest he gets is on Sunday when his dispensary is closed, if there are not many urgent calls for visits.

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