Short Paragraph on Modern Women

By | June 17, 2016


  • Great progress of women.
  • Their looks and dresses.
  • They have become bold.
  • They take part in professions, sports, social service, politics.
  • Modern women v/s old-type women.
  • Revolt of modern women.

During the second quarter of this century women have changed considerably. “They have become good looking, smart, educated well-dressed and fashionable. Modern women put on fashionable dresses.

Many of them apply powder on their faces and lipsticks on their lips. They move here and there with handbags in their hands or on their shoulders. They have adopted new methods of combing hair, while ultra-modern women are bobbed-haired. Some women put on pyjamas or trousers and shirts because men do so Education is spreading rapidly among women. Hence they have become bold. They move freely and attend meetings, councils clubs and restaurants. But in Pakistan villages women have remained unchanged.

Short Paragraph on Courage (350 Words)

Modern women challenge the superiority and domination of men in all walks of life. They stand for social and economic freedom from men. Hence they have become doctors, teachers, nurses, journalists, and film actresses, Recently women have joined police force. Some of them even undergo military training.[the_ad id=”17141″]

In the sphere of sportswomen have not lagged behind. Of course, they do not shine out in games life cricket or football, but they have made their mark in badminton and tennis.

Modern women take part in social service and welfare work. In all works of humanity, they are in the forefront. They collect funds for the victims of flood famine or epidemic. They are not slow in helpless women and children. They have They are not slow in helpless women and children. They have established their own councils to carry on their work. Even in the field of politics modern women rival men. They become front-rank organizers of political parties and become members of municipalities or corporations and legislatures.

Modern women stand in utter contrast of old type women. They were obedient as slaves and hard-working as laborers. They were found day and night in the house and the kitchen bearing and bringing up a line of children, and duty-bound to look the comforts of their master-the husband. But now the tables are turned. Now the mission of woman of not submission. She wants equality of status and rights. The modern woman is in revolt. This is all right so far as it goes but to do blindly whatever man does in order to show that they are equal to men is sometimes absurd. Women have got physical limitations. They have got weak constitution, and hence get easily tired. They cannot put in more work for a longer time, hence women cannot rival men in all spheres of life.

Modern women have made rapid progress. It is a great thing and a good thing. They should certainly have equal rights and status. At the same time they should not forget that their main role in life is of sweetness, grace, art and protection.

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