Short Paragraph on Cotton

By | June 12, 2016


  • Cotton plant, where grown and cultivated.
  • Merits of various cottons.
  • Exceeds all other materials in amount of clothing used in the world.

The world’s clothing is largely made of cotton, for cotton garments exceed all other kinds put together. The plant, in its different varieties, flourishes only in warm countries, so all raw materials for Britain’s great cotton mills must be imported. The chief cotton countries are America, Pakistan, Bharat, Egypt and Brazil. There is also a certain amount grown in Africa and Japan, as well as in Australia.

The biggest and best supply of cotton comes from America. Sea-island cotton, which is grown all along the eastern sea coast, is the finest in existence. It is strong, fine, and like silk in texture. Almost half of the world’s output of raw cotton has for long been supplied by the United States. Nearly two-third of the cotton imported into England comes from the United States. These figures will doubtless be reduced in the near future, because the world’s cotton-grown area is being rapidly extended. The demand is never satisfied.

Pakistan and Bharat rank second among the cotton growing countries of the world. More and more cotton is being used in Pakistan and Bharat, hence the bulk of their production is sent to her own factories. China, Japan, and certain European countries also . import some of Pakistan and India’s surplus.

Egyptian cottons compete with the best “Sea-Island” brands. The fibre is strong and smooth will dye well and can be made to assume a silky appearance. More than one-fourth of Britain’s import of raw cotton is from Egypt. There is every prospect of the African output being increased, as cotton growing is receiving additional attention in Rhodesia, Nigeria, Sudan and other parts of that continent. Moreover, the product of these areas is similar to that of Egypt in quality, and so is readily sold.

The mills of Lyallpur and Multan give worked to thousands and help to clothe the poor with good cloth. Steps are being taken to improve the quality of Pakistani cotton by importing “Sea-Island” and Egyptian seed. The needs of the people are so great that still there is little or nothing available for export. But with the extension of cultivation and cheaper power, Pakistan might become a great cotton-exporting country.

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