Life of a Hospital Nurse Paragraph

By | June 17, 2016


  • Period of attendance.
  • Her many duties.
  • Takes rounds with the doctor.
  • Helps the surgeon in the operation theater.
  • Surrounding atmosphere.
  • Her important role.

The life of a hospital nurse is not a bed of roses. It is hard and often tiresome. She has to attend the hospital from early morning. At about noon she gets about an hour for rest and lunch. Again she is on duty till evening. Then she goes home.

While she is in the hospital, she has to perform many duties. She registers the temperature of different patients in their respective charts. Then she prepares medicines and administers them to different patients. She also gives injections to some patients. While she is doing her normal work, somebody cries with pain and she has to attend to him or her. The moment she is free another patient feels extremely uneasy, and she gives him some medicine.

When the doctor comes for the usual round in the ward she has to accompany him. She supplies necessary information about each patient to the doctor and carries out his orders. At times the doctor becomes angry and she has to beer it calmly.[the_ad id=”17141″]

Sometimes she has to help the surgeon in operation theatre. This is a very hard duty. At this time she must be very active and careful. At every moment she has to look to the needs of the surgeon. A slight mistake on her part brings the surgeon’s wrath upon her.

The atmosphere in which she works is neither pleasing nor encouraging. She hears the cries of the sick and the wounded. She sees patients dying, while there relatives weep bitterly. All these make her sad. But gradually she gets accustomed to them.

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Even at home she is not happy. Generally she is a widow or a spinster. If she stays with her parents, she has not to worry much. But if she says alone or with some relative, she has to worry about. household affairs. She has also to cook food.

But if she has the true spirit of a nurse, she finds her life interesting. She gives solace and comfort to the patients. Her bright smiles lighten the paint of many a patient. She feels very happy when a patient is cured. She is really the “sisters of mercy.”

It is true that compared to her work, her salary is poor. Even in society she is not held in high esteem. But her role is the noblest in the world. She is the hope of the disappointed, the solace of the sick and the healer of the wounded.

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