Is Doctor a Social Servant or a Public Enemy? Paragraph

By | June 16, 2016


  • Both the views are prevalent.
  • As a social servant free treatment, work in public hospitable, a guardian of public healh.
  • He gives new hope, cheer and life.
  • As a public enemy exploitation.

Two views are prevalent about the medical profession that a doctor is a social servant and that he is a public enemy. We can say much on either side. But first of all, let us consider a doctor as a social servant.

Sickness or death is the most helpless at all times. A doctor, if he wished, could exploit people. But he can be a great solace and heaven-sent angle at the time of sickness. He can offer his services free to some hospital and thus serve the public We also find many doctors so kind-hearted as not to charge anything to the poor and even visit them free of charge. A doctor is the guardian of public health.

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A doctor’s profession offers the greatest and the best opportunities of serving the poor. Service of the poor is the service of God. Of course, a doctor cannot live in air and water. He must also fill his belly and maintain his family. If he does not run after money but becomes a little public-spirited, he is, no doubt, a social servant worth his weight in gold.

Within the last few years, doctors have also started healing the wounds of the heart or the mind. A doctor of hysteria, nervousness, and miseries of life. This psychological treatment has saved thousands from unnatural depths, suicides, and from life which is worse than death. He has brought peace and joy in many a home and has given hope and new life to many, this also fits in with his role as a servant of the public. It is a very common saying that God cures the patient and doctor gets the fee.[the_ad id=”17141″]

This means that the doctor does absolutely nothing except to receive the fee. But another view is that all doctors are quacks and they only experiment upon human life as they do on cats and dogs. They have no value of human life. A surgeon has a selfish interest in operation the more he cuts, the higher is his fee.

They are not man of science at all. they know as much of cure as a blind man knows about the sun over his head. They have nothing like honour or conscience. they waste human life. The doctors would be starved and therefore it is in their best interests to prolong illness. He is a public enemy. If the patient is cured, it is an accident and God be thanked for that. if he dies, his widow weeps. They have no mercy ordinary humanity in this after a few years of practice. The wonder is, there are so many persons living in this world in spite of the doctors. Having examined both the sides, it is not so easy to pay outright who is right and who is wrong. The truth probably lies somewhere between the two. There are some doctors who are the real servants of society and again there are some who can be called. enemies of the public. A doctor’s profession is capable of being either of the two. With a little more idealism, a doctor has better chances for social service than any one else; but if a doctor runs after money and exploits helpless people he would be an enemy.

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