Chapter 7 (Kingdom Protoctista or Protista) F.Sc 1st Year Short Questions

Give two examples each of the following: Green algae (Chlorophyta), Red algae (Rhodophyta), and Brown algae (Phaeophyta).

Green algae – Ulva, Chlorella, Acetabularia, Spirogyra, Red algae – Chondrus, Polysiphonia, Brown algae – Fucus, Macrocystis.

What kind of protists are included in Brown algae?

Brown algae include the giants of the protist kingdom and range from a few centimetres to approximately 75 meters in length.

What are Kelps? Give their parts.

Kelps are the largest brown algae which are tough and leathery in appearance. They possess leaflike blades, stemlike stipes, and rootlike anchoring holdfast.

What is the habitat of Brown algae?

Brown algae are common in cooler marine waters, especially along rocky coastlines in the intertidal zone.

What do you know about the red algae?

They have multicellular body that is commonly composed of complex interwoven (inter-linked) filaments that are delicate and feathery. A few red algae are flattened sheets of cells. Most multicellular red algae attach to rocks or other substances by a basal holdfast. Some red algae incorporate calcium carbonate in their cell walls from the ocean and take part in building coral reefs along with coral animals.

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