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By | May 6, 2016

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The Hostel Life (Short Essay)

The hostel is an essential part of a college. Life in a college hostel is full of pleasures and charms. It is usually located within the premises of the college. It provides facilities only to those students whose parents live in remote areas. Hostel life is, undoubtedly, the most enthusiastic time of a student’s life. It is definitely a memorable period which cannot be forgotten during the rest of life. It plays a vital role in the development of the personality of the student.

Hostel life provides many facilities for students. In every hostel, there is a reading room containing newspapers and magazines of different kinds. A student can increase his general knowledge by means of this informative material. He can form a habit of tea Similarly, every hostel has a big common room, where students assemble daily in the evening and take part in various indoor games. There are annual games among the hostel students. Different prizes are given to the winners.

Hostel life gives practical training to a student in his mental, moral and spiritual development. He has to follow the rules made by the students themselves. All the students eat and play together at the fixed time. Nobody can leave the hostel without the permission of the Superintendent. Therefore hostel life gives practical training, punctuality, regularity and discipline. Hostel life builds self-confidence in a student. The students elect a mess manager every month to decide what to eat and how much to spend.[the_ad id=”17141″]

The most important advantage of hostel life is an opportunity to make new friends. Students belong to different families, having different habits. It also enables them to have a good understanding of different natures and minds. This practical training in human understanding proves very helpful in their practical life.

On the other hand, hostel life has certain disadvantages. It is so expensive that most of the parents cannot afford it and refuse to give higher education to their children. A hostel student cannot enjoy the freedom and privacy which he can have at home. It is true that he is free to spend his time and money in any way he likes but he does not feel at home there. He cannot study or sleep peacefully according to his own will. Since the students are living away from the control of parents, they may waste their time and money. In spite of these disadvantages, the educational advantages of hostel life are greater. Most of the rich parents like to send their children to residential institutions. It is the duty of the student to remain honest towards his studies.

The Hostel Life (Long Quotational Essay)

“These best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched. They must be felt with the heart” – Helen Keller

Hostel is an integral part of every college. Life in a college hostel is full of pleasures and amusements. It is a place where food and lodging are provided for students. Life in a hostel is different from the life of homes. Generally, a student stays in a hostel when his residence is located far from his educational institution. Life in a hostel makes a students. It makes him smart, active and disciplined. It gives all the students an ample chance to learn how to lead an independent and responsible life. It plays a vital role in the development of the personality of the students. Students of different habits and tastes live together under one roof which results in better understanding and more co-operating among themselves.[the_ad id=”17142″]

“Being considerate of others will take you further in the life than a college degree”.

A hostel is controlled by a warden. The warden guides the students. He sees whether the rules and regulations of the hostel are being followed or not. Though the warden is there to look after them yet they thier own way. They have to study and do their duties themselves.

Hostel life trains a student mentally, morally and spiritually for a successful and practical life. He has to follow the rules and regulations of the hostel. No one is allowed to remain out of the hostel a specific time. Therefore, hostel life teaches discipline, punctuality and regularity to their students.

“Develop a passion for learning. If you do, you will never cease to grow”.

A hostel has mess which at times is run on co-operative basis. Food is served in the mess. The washerman and the barber visit the hostel regularly. some students wash their own clothes. Other give to the washerman.

[the_ad id=”17150″]A hostel has a common room. Here, the students assemble together to watch television. They also discuss in groups about the daily events, politics, current issues etc. A hostel generally has a library. Many hostels have reading halls adjacent to the library. A hostel has facilities for indoor games. Some hostels have facilities for outdoor games also like basketball, volleyball, badminton etc. Thus in hostel a student can develop his mind and body.

“We first make our habits and then habits make us”.

Various type of students is found in hostels. Some are very studious. They always remain busy with their studies. Some are mischievous. They give little time to studies. They spend their time moving around, playing and bullying others or making fun of friends. Students should not misuse their time. They should utilize their time in studies, games, debates, group discussions, and other such fruitful activities.

Students of various communities and religion, stay together in a hostel. This helps them to know about various cultures of different regions. They develop a sense of unity in diversity and broaden their outlook. They learn the lesson of co-operation.

“Always look at life in a positive way, for we all act according to our perception”.

Their are also chances of students going astray in hostels. They should be properly guided by the hostel authorities. Students stay away from their parents in a hostel. They carve for the love and affection of their parents. THey feel homesickness. Some students who are not very good at studies, in the absense of proper guidance, may neglect their studies. Soms students may feel themselves free from all bondages and spoil thier life as they are away from their parents. In such conditions students may choose ecil company and form bad habits. parents should visit them regularly and give them emotional support and guidance.

“caged birds accept everything, but flight is what they long for:.

[the_ad id=”17144″]Students face life practically on their own in a hostel. Life in a hostel instills confidence in them. They develop their personality. They learn to face the problems in life. They learn to self-defence and regularity. They learn social etiquettes and lead a better life. Hostel life thus helps them to develop many good qualities and make the students good citizens.

“The only thing that will redeem mankind is cooperation” – Bertrand Russell

To Sum up, we may say that hostel life is boon and a bane both at the same time. It is a boon for those students who take advantage of it and make their life successfully. On the other hand it is a bane for those who fail to realize the very purpose of hostel life and spoil their future.

“Use what talents you possess. They woods would be very silent if no birds sang there, except those that sang best” – Henry Van Dyke

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