Short Paragraph on School Life

By | May 18, 2016


  • School life is a preparation for life in the world.
  • The character is forried, knowledge is gained.
  • Sports, friendship, work all have their place.
  • Happiest time of life, but not realized at the time.

Boys and girls are sent to school to be trained as good citizens, to become men and women of fine character. There are schools, which think mainly of “results” in the sense of successes in examination. But it is realised now that book-learning is only one side of school life, though it has a certain importance. A good scholar will be of little use to the nation if he is untruthful, irregular, timorous and unreliable. The best school is that which concentrates on personality and character.

Boys and girls are quick to realize good qualities in each other. If a boy is truthful, bold and courageous, fearless in speaking the truth though it may be unpopular, ready to help others at all times, he will come to be looked upon as a leader. such a one may not be the winner of the first prize, but, since he is a conscientious worker, will always occupy a respectable place. He will never be far behind, either in the class room or on the sports field. His example will influence all who come in contact with him, and his friend will never forget him.

School.friendship are taken very seriously, for men are social creature and like to have friends. Our School friends often remain loved and trusted throughout all our life. There is no greater pleasure in after years than to attend a reunion of old pupils of the same school. We remember that Major Hameed played for the Hockey in the Olympic games and Imtiaz was our captain at cricket. What a day it was fifteen years ago when he made a century against West Indies! Our hearts warm still as we think of that exciting finish, and how we carried him shoulder-high from the filed, bat in hand. Sports and games at school are not only for amusement and the development of muscles. They educate us in sportsmanship and courage, in fair play and obedience to a leader. No one should miss them.

Indeed school days are the happiest time of life. But young people are thoughtless and long to be away out into the world, and it is only afterwards, amid the hard struggles of life that they realise how happy were the days spent at school.

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