Short Paragraph on Physical Training

By | May 18, 2016


  • Relation between the body and the mind.
  • Cause of physical decay.
  • The remedy is physical training and exercise.
  • Physical training only guidance.
  • The benefits.

The age-old maxim, “Sound mind in a sound body” is as true today as it was ages ago. It tells us that we must have physical training and exercise, and as a corollary, it warns us that the body should not be sacrificed to the development of the mind. We can have a sound mind only if we have a sound body.

Generally all men are born with fit and sound body, but later on due to irregular habits or due to lack of physical work, the body starts decrying. It is clear that if a thing rests, it rusts. To stop this rusting, the body must e given exercise daily in some sort of physical work. The best way is that our occupation must have physical exertion in itself, as we find in the life of a farmer or a factory worker.

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It is from this point of view that we find physical training so much stressed in our educational institutions. Our schools and colleges reduce the students to walking skeletons. Majority of students look prematurity old. They have pale faces and rickety constitutions. They right stop has been taken in this direction by making physical training compulsory in schools and colleges, for, it is when one is young that the foundation of health is laid.

We know that to the students, compulsory physical training is at first most hateful. It is argued that half an hour of moving hands and feet in the air does no good to anybody, that it is good for show and that it is a waste of time. But a little thinking would show that it has many advantages. Though half an hour once or twice a week does not do much direct good to the body of a student, yet it opens his eyes to the benefits of physical training. Like all training given in educational institutions, physical training also a guidance and a suggestion.

The benefits of physical training are numerous. It is a necessary for our body as food and water. It is the magic formula of keeping ourselves over-young and of avoiding old age. Those, who have taken physical training, do not require any supporting stick. They can afford to quarter with all the doctors of the world for they never need any medicine or any tonic from them.

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