Short Paragraph on My Future

By | May 19, 2016


  • Hope and planning for the future and how education helps us to realise our end.
  • My conception of the future, making myself useful for society. Example of great men and ambition to do great things.”
  • Diligence and effort required to achieve the ideals.
  • Training and sacrifice.

I am still a student. I have seen very little of life and the rest lies still ahead of me. I read the lives of great people who have done great deeds which have contributed to the progress of mankind apart from helping man to grow. This has secured for them a place in the pages of history. There have been eminent leaders who have raised the prestige of their nations in the sphere of politics. There have been great musicians, artists and painters who have created the rich traditons in arts and there have been scientists who have made great. discoveries and inventions and added to human knowledge and happiness. Whenever I read of these people and their actions I am inspired, and start to think of my future and how I will do great deeds and rise to glory and fame. There is a hope in my heart that my vision would be realised and my ambition would be fulfilled. A great future, i however, has to be well planned and one has to work for it accordingly. Education plays an important part. I have liked all that has been taught to me and this has awakened in me a desire to know more. It is only a proper educational career which equips us suitably for high ideals.

My conception of future is a little different from that of many others. Usually everybody thinks that after finishing education he will secure a good job, marry, have children and happy life. These are good things indeed but I have thought differently about my future. I love my fellowmen and the many difficulties I see them in, pain me.[the_ad id=”17141″]

There are evils which have to be driven out and this needs a lot of work. I wish to devote myself to this cause wholeheartedly. I feel that my life and my strength should be devoted to the cause of suffering humanity. The lives of many great people who have done this show to me that the career which I have selected is full of struggles and difficulties. A great moral force is required for establishing the cause of right and the efforts meet opposition. Abraham Lincoln, the famous President of the United States of America, felt a deep concern for the lot of slaves. He emancipated them and found great opposition. In the end he was shot by a fanatic. In our country also number of men have laid their lives for securing national freedom. Socrates had to drink the cup of hemlock for propagating his philosophy which is even today after over 2,000 years respected for greatness. Very recently President Kennedy of America laid his life for the same cause.

Mr. Liaqat Ali Khan First Prime Minister of Pakistan was shot down by a fanatic when he was touring, all over the country for the sake of his people. I, therefore, find that all those who have stood for right and have tried to do good to humanity have suffered but I also find that their work has raised the moral nad spiritual standard of mankind, brought happiness to them and made civilization and history. The achievement is only too great and the good it does to men is too important to consider seriously the safety of such a small thing as one human life. Life after all has an end and if the purpose for which men die is truly a noble and great one then the sacrifice is a justified and by courting death they pass into the realms of immortality. Strengthened by this I feel that I would devote my future to the service of humanity and even though I may have to pay in the end and make grea sacrifices, I will consider myself fortunate if I can leave behind some good.

For such a career hard work, incessant learning, tireless observation and deep study are very necessary. One has to train oneself to observe one’s fellowmen and to understand their needs and troubles. One should also make oneself strong morally and spiritually for the sacrifices which he has to make in future.

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