Short Paragraph on Chicken Farming

By | May 18, 2016


  • The domestic fowl originated in the east. Common in Pakistan.
  • Very hardy, may get on without attention. But will do much better with care.
  • Chicken-farming would yield a good living. There is a demand for better chickens and good eggs.
  • The hills, or cool districts, would give best results.

The ordinary domestic fowl is a bird so familiar in the east that all know it, and so cheap that even the poor man can have a few round his house. The eggs are a very valuable food, and the chickens themselves are a good addition to the diet of all who are not vegetarians. The domestic fowl probably originated in the jungles of the east and is a cousin to the ordinary jungle fowl. In England, the scientific rearing of fowls for their eggs, and for the market, is a profitable occupation which gives a living to many.

Short Paragraph on Perseverance (430 Words)

In Pakistan except for a very few Government experiments with important fowls, the birds are supposed to be able to look after themselves. The result is that village fowls are usually thin and undersized, scratching about for any scrap of food or grains of rice that may be thrown away, But there is not much thrown away bye the villagers or the poor anywhere in the times we live in. The fowl of the Pakistan village usually weighs from one and a half to two pounds and its eggs are about twelve to the pound. In England, birds of five pounds weight are common, and eggs averaging six to the pound are quite usual.[the_ad id=”17141″]

Unless fowls are in fertile crop land, or forest, they must be fed. Gram and maize are excellenet foods for chickens, also rice and dal. In Europe, a farmer of chickens usually gives his birds a hot meal each morning, made of corn-meal, scraps of mashed potato and all other waste foods which are left at meals. His birds are fed as regularly as his children, and the result is big. Healthy fowls and large & eggs in plenty. In addition, fowls must have a good supply of some green vegetable leaves; they must have pure water to drink as well as a place big enough for them to have a “bath” if they feel inclined. Their houses, in which they rest at night, must be carefully cleaned when necessary, and the nests in which they lay their eggs must also be supplied with clean hay or grass.

Treated carefully on those lines, fowl-breeding on a large scale can be made a profitable occupation, by supplying the market with fowls and eggs. But many people assume that the birds can look after themselves and scratch a meal out of the dry ground in summer. Their birds will be thin, not worth offering to a critical customer, and the eggs will be small and new. This, like other branches of farming, is most profitable when pursued scientifically and with industry.

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