Short Paragraph on A Zoo

By | May 18, 2016


  • What is a zoo? Many types of zoos.
  • Description of a Zoo.
  • Educative and recreative value.

A zoo is the place where animals brought from different countries, are kept for public exhibition. In Pakistan, a large number of animals, such as the Kangaroo, the Zebra, Hippopotamus, the Girrafe and other rare birds, reptiles and animals are not found. They have been parchased by the Government or have been presented to them and are lodged in various Zoos throughout the country. Zoos are situated in Karachi, Dacca and Lahore. All these places have the animals of all the world. A visit to a zoo will show that it is a palace of great interest to the young and the old alike. It is, therefore, that we see large crowds of curious grown-up people and children visiting the zoo to see and to admire the interesting habits, behaviours and lives of different kinds of animals. In zoos generally the animals are kept in cages. There is an interesting zoo in Africa where the case is otherwise, Animals are let loose in a large surrounded jungle and the visitors who go to see them have to travel in specially caged wagons. In this way people have the advantage of seeing the wild and free life olx animals roaming about in their natural fashion.[the_ad id=”17141″]

I had a chance to see the Lahore zoo. It is situated in Jinnah Garden which is in fact a large park. There are beautiful and well-trimmed lawns and beds of beautiful flowers. There is a large pavilion of white marble in the centre of the park. All around on these extensive fields are cages dens and abodes of various animals and birds. As you enter the zoo from one side you can see the zebras moving about in groups. It is a horselike animal with balck and white stripes all over its body. The animal is found in the jungle of Africa. There is a stone building in which these animals rest at night. There is a large enclosed area where kangaroos are housed. The kangaroo is a funny mischievous and shy little animals. It runs about very swiftly. The main speciality of the female kangaroo is a pocket in the lower part of the abdomen where it keeps its young ones after they are born. As a grown-up female kangaroo stand up to its full height, one can see the head of the young one stuck out of the peculiar pocket. The kangaroo is found only in Australia. Then there are the cages of wolves and hyaenas. There are also cages for different kinds of bears. This place is very interesting for the visitors and one may see large crowds gathered near those cages teasing the ears and throwing to them monkey nuts which are very cleverly eaten by these animals. I have myself here come across a bear who could smoke’a cigaretter if it was offered to him. In two or three puffs he smoked away the whole cigarette and later on he ate up the remaining piece. He would also drink wine or honey. There is a large piece of ground fences on all its sides by high spiked iron bars.[the_ad id=”17142″]

Very long grass and a heavy vegetation has been allowed to grow on this field. This is the abode of East Pakistani tiger, indeed a very majestic animal which is found in the dense forests of Chittagong. There is also a high necked enclosure where baboons and foreign monkeys are kept. They are indeed very mischievous and playful and please the public by their somersaults and tricks and peculiar shrieks. There is a similar cage for different kinds of birds and parrots. The speciality of this part is the white peacock. I was indeed very fortunate to have seen this peacock dancing with its white rich plumes spread out in circular fan-like shape. There is an enclosed and top covered pond very near this in which birds which live on water are kept.

A little far from this are the royal dens of lions and tigers. They indeed look like castles made of blocks of stone and are real abodes of the king of the jungle. The dens are surrounded nearly on all sides by a deep moat. There are also abodes similarly made for leopards and the Cheetah. They are strong and good looking animal and their roar frightens as well as attracts us. Very near these frightful animals is the home of the rhinoceros-really an extraordinary animal of a heavy form. Its hide is very tough it has got two tusks on its snouty nose. Peculiarly enough this ferocious looking animal is a vegetarian and is quite innocent.

The zoo is indeed a very interesting place. Looking at animals is a pleasant experience and many of us go on our holidays to the zoos. The playfulness and the habits of animals please and excite us. Since a very long time man has loved animals and tried to domesticate some of them. The zoo has also its educative value. Children can see those animals which are not found in our country and learn the peculiarities of the places where they are originally found. We can also learn a lot of natural history by observing the habits of different kinds of animals.

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