Short Paragraph on A Rainy Day

By | May 19, 2016


  • The beauty of the monsoon. Clouds in the sky. Fall in temperature and rain.
  • The beauties of the rainy day. People walking in the streets with umbrellas and raincoats. Over flowing rivers and drains. Pools of rainwater. Play with paper boats.
  • The day becomes cool. Everybody is happy. Picnics may be arranged.

It is the month of Jully. The monsoon, the water laden winds that come from the distant seas, the Bay of Bengal and the Arabian Seamforms black and thick heavy clouds which wander about in the sky. The clouds really appear beautiful in their different shapes and patterns into which they are changed by the currents of winds. Since the morning it has been cloudy. The intense lamp of the sun is shrouded by the clouds. The intense lamp of the sun is shrouded by the clouds. There is a prospect of rain which is pleasant to everybody. The cuckoo. chirps melodiously on the branches of mango trees in anticipation of rain. Men, birds and beasts alike wait for the rain with welcome in their hearts as they are all fed up by the merciless heat of the summer. Soon there is a loud roar of the clouds and all of a sudden the downpour starts.

The rainfall is indeed very beautiful. All the trees and roofs of houses are washed by the rainfall and look very clean. The earth sends up a mild fragrance and the atmosphere becomes very cool and pleasant. On the streets there is a regular flow of water and the drains are also full to their brim. The bubbling raindrops and the gurgling her water both appear very pretty and gladden the hearts of the old and the young. Even the rivers become very tumultuous and their expanse becomes very wide.[the_ad id=”17141″]

Very few people are moving out in the streets for fear of getting wet. Somebody who has been caught up in rain is soaked from head to foot and is hurrying to take shelter under a tree or a roof. Pedestrians and cyclists, wholly or partly wet, stand huddled under large leafy trees and in verandahs. Vehicles and motor-cars pass through the streets splashing mud and water. The more busy ones, who have got important and urgent work, have to move out and you may see small crowds of them with their umbrellas or water-proofs. Small pools of rainwater are formed in pits by the roadside. Very small children go out into the rain naked and take an abundant bath. Children grown-up or little, make boats of paper and float them with great pleasure in whirls or the pools. In the school there is a rainy holiday and those students who have already reached the school indulge in fun and frolic. They tease each other and throw water at one another. The whole scene and landscape become beautiful. 5o In summer months the land, plants, flowers and trees become dry and dust-laden hut the first rain washes and cleans them and the sight of green foliage shining like emeralds is very happy and pleasant to the eye. The roads and the streets are also clean and the hearts of the young and the old alike are filled with pleasure.

As result of the rain the intense heat becomes less and the day becomes cool and pleasant. Everybody who is tired of the merciless heat is thus made happy. They even become so happy that a number of picnic parties are arranged and students on their cycles and grown-up people in vehicles go to pleasant sights for relaxation and recreation. Trips to mango gardens are very popular and men are found going to such gardens for enjoying fresh fruit. A rainy day is, therefore, very welcome to everybody.

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