Short Paragraph on A Flood Scene

By | May 21, 2016

News has been received that on account of the recent heavy rains, 10 inches having been registered in 50 hours, the river Ravi has risen enormously. The flood has caused terrible havoc. The accounts that have been received show that an immense area has been devastated, that the loss of property and lives has been very considerable, and that the calamity has been simply overwhelming, and so sudden that the people were taken unawares.

The water slowly stole over the countryside, and the people who were asleep in the their houses, or in the fields, suddenly awoke to the danger which had overtaken them. In the whole district, for miles round, there was, in an instant, an unending sea of desolation. Postal and railway services were dislocated, and the whole district was cut off from outside communication. thousands of poor people are wandering homeless and helpless in the adjoining towns. Hundreds of villages have been swept away, and it is difficult to estimate exactly the number of men and cattle that have period.

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The whole area is one watery waste. The floods extend to several miles, and in some places the water has played havoc with mud-built houses. In some places, people were seen in a very helpless condition. It is not possible to form an adequate idea of the tremendous suffering and loss caused hy the floods. Eye-witnesses have described the scenes as heart-rending. The destruction of standing crops, stored grains and fodder must result in acute famine conditions in the affected area.

Relief agencies are at work, and are doing all they can to alleviate distress among there unfortunate people. Lacs of rupees will be required to help the people, and to send them back to their homes. Fodder for the animals, grain for men for immediate consumption, and seeds for sowing are badly needed. The Government has, besides remitting land revenue for the year, sanctioned large sums of money for relief, and the people also have started funds. It is hoped that the worst of it will be over in a few days.

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