Paragraph on The Value of Western Universities

By | May 18, 2016


  • Pakistan possesses a number of dialects and languages, mainly Urdu and Bengali Both are rich in World’s stores of learning.
  • English is widely spoken and adopted. Yet it is a foreign language.
  • Pakistan is a country of many people, very keen to make their languages universal.

Pakistan is the land of many languages: Urdu, Punjabi, Bengali, Sindhi, and Pushto we have hardly stated the list. Many of them have no great literature, except for some old romances and meditative works, and some have a limited vocabulary. Urdu, Bangali are the languages which are universally agreed to be the most suitable for all Pakistan, but careful preparation, translation, and origional works in Urdu and Bangali are necessary before they can be adopted as the medium of instruction for University education. English is a foreign tongue, say some, but at the same time it is an international language spoken widely over half the world. So it is easily the best :: second language for Pakistan and has served to bridge the gap and unite the people unitil such time as the vernaculars may be fit for university teaching. They can come, in certain subjects like history and mathematics, very soon. Modern science and especially subjects like medicine, engineering, must be taught in English for a considerable time. It is gratifying to note that adoption of Urdu for these subjects is being seriously considered.[the_ad id=”17141″]

Since. English is a foreign tongue, and only our second language, it follows that young men and women joining the Universities for the first time, have not a complete knowledge of English. That means that their progress is inevitable slowed down and restricted. So the standard of instruction in science, mathematics, economics, and all the main subjects is not so high as it would be if the students were all fluent English speakers. Thus a pass degree, even an honours degree, of Pakistani Universities is still something behind the efficiency and high standards of European and American degrees. It is desirable for our best students to complete their education, when possible by a course in one of the universities of the west.”

Short Paragraph on Temperance (390 Words)

Many have done so with credit and honour. The names of Pakistanis are inscribed on the rolls of those who have gained distinction in Oxford, Cambridge, London and Edinburgh Universities. They have returned to prove the value of their training by great service. In future, this may be rio longer necessary, but that time? is not yet. Moreover, University education is not only a matter of subjects studied and degrees successfully obtained. There is the great and mind-broadening influence of foreign travel the rubbing of shoulders with students from all over the world, the gift of beginning to understand what others think of us, and why. We can see the best of western institutions select from them what will benefit us and reject what is unsuitable. There is something in the screne, mature, environment of Oxford which influences the character and moulds the personality of its students. They are, as it were, being shaped by the bygone teachers and students of the last thousand years. Emphatically. to have a period in a western university is a great crown to a liberal education.

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