Paragraph on The Post Office and Its Work

By | May 18, 2016


  • Speedy, cheap and efficient carrying of letters.
  • Parcels, money-orders, Government pensions, licences.
  • Saving Banks, Cash Certificates, Government Bonds, etc.
  • Excellent service, an argument for nationalisation.

It is possible that, on the morning of any one day, we may receive a letter from a friend in London, a relative living in the lonely parts of Sylhet or Burma, a business firm in America. All have come to us promptly and safely at the cost of a few Paisas. We become so accustomed to seeing the sun rise daily that we forget, through C.familiarity, what a wonder it is. In the same way we have grown up accustomed to the postal services and forget the efficiency of its widespread system. That is one of the good things which the British have left with us.

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The British postal services were originally expensive, and fairly slow before the extension of the railway services. The name of Rowland Hill was associated with the great innovation of penny postage. Alas! in these days of excessive taxation and inflated money, the penny post has disappeared in Britain, and it now costs two pence half penny for a letter. The Post Office also undertakes the conveyance of parcels, and even the most costly articles are thus sent. If the sender desires assurance. He can resister and insure the parcel for a small payment and the Post Office will accept all responsibility for loss.

There is also a Savings Bank Department in the Post Office which is a boon to the poor person who has only a small amount to invest. Government Bonds and Cash Certificates are issued to the public here, add in some country districts of Pakistan post offices once sold quinine as a precaution against malaria.

A letter, once delivered to the postal authorities, may pass through many hands. If sent overseas, it may go by air, or by a great P.&.O. steamship. If sent to a friend in a lonely district of Sylhet or Burma it may be carried through miles of jungle by a “runner”. Several dak runners in districts of Sylhet were eaten by tigers, yet there was never any difficulty in getting others to carry the mail.

The postal services are an illustration of the best type of nationalization, for no private enterprise could ever have been so. universally extended and made so efficient as our postal department. It employs thousands and has a tradition of reliability.

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