Paragraph on The Happiest Day of My Life

By | May 18, 2016

The Happiest Day of My Life


  • They day on which I saved two boys on the railway line.
  • It was possible because there was not the time to think.
  • I do not think I was happy because people praised me.
  • It was rather because I had served others, and found confidence in myself.

About a year ago, I was walking quietly to college in the morning along with two friends. Near college, there is a railway crossing, and, when a train is due to cross the road, the gates are closed, and we have to wait till it has gone past. As we approached on that morning, we saw that the gates were closed and heard a train approaching, the morning Khyber Mail. So, we walked slowly, knowing that we would have to wait.

Just beside the crossig, there are one or two poor houses. In one, we had often seen two small boys, about two years old I should say and so alike that I think they must have been twins. That morning, as we reached the gate, I heard a woman give a louds scream, and there, to our horror, we saw the two little fellows sitting together between the rails, right in the path of the approaching train. There was the mother, holding on to the bars of the gate and screaming.

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Now I do not think I am a very brave or heroic sort of fellow, and actually I did not think anything at all. My brain refused to help me. But, curiously enough, I found that my legs and arms were working by themselves. Like a machine I vaulted over the barred gate with two quick movements and down on the the side of the rails. The train by this time was no more than twenty-five yards away, and whistling very loudly. I sprang between the rails, gripped one lad by the arm and the other by the leg, and with a great effort sprang across to the other side. As we all fell in a heap on the other side, a strong wint hit me as the trianed ashed past with a roar. An old biscuit box, with which they had been playing, was thrown high in the air. I stood up then, my kneses trembling and a sick feeling in may stomach. The whole thing took less time than I have taken to tell it.

There was a great slapping me on the back, and the Head: made mention of it before all the college. I was given a special prize at , the end of the year; but; I do not think my great happiness came from the fuss that people made or from the prize. It was rather that I had, – by good fortune, been able to save lives, and found a new confidence in myself.

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