Paragraph on If I Were the Food Minister

By | May 17, 2016


  • I shall readily accept the job.
  • I shall call the merchants.
  • I shall know the views of my advisers.
  • I shall keep in mind the suggestions of newspapers and the public.
  •  I shall introduce mixed control.
  • I shall give higher prices to farmers.
  • I shall import food grains from foreign countries and shall allow merchants to do so.
  • At last I shall abolish rationing.

To work as the Food Minister of Pakistan is a hard job. But of such a post were offered to me, I would most willingly accept it. I have my own views about the solution of the food problem of Pakistan and I am sure I shall handle it successfully.

First of all I shall take the merchant community into confidence. I shall call their representatives to know their views about our food problem. I shall hear them patiently and shall ask for their whole-hearted co-operation in the bold step that I would take.

Then I shall call my secretaries and advisers and shall put before them suggestions of the merchants. I shall try to know from them how far these suggestions can be carried out. I know their advice would be to ignore all the suggestions of the merchants and to continue the things as they are. At the sametime, I shall try to get true statistics about the production of food in Pakistan. I shall also keep in mind the suggestions of newspapers and the views of the general public as expressed in newspapers and meetings.[the_ad id=”17141″]

After considering the views of all these persons, I shall launch my bold scheme. I am in favor of the complete abolition of food-rationing. Like Quaid-i-Azam I am against this spoon-feeding. But the Government had burnt its fingers once by dong so. Hence even if I wished, I would not be allowed to do so by my colleagues in the Cabinet. Hence I shall introduce the scheme of mixed control.

Short Paragraph on Temperance (390 Words)

The system of rationing will continue. But at the same time I shall allow merchants to sell rationed articles. This will bring the hoarded goods out, and will reduce the pressure on ration shops.

I shall, however, as that food grins of good quality are sold at all the shops. My policy of procuring food grains from the farmers will be liberal. I shall give them better prices for their goods, so that they will not be tempted to conceal their stocks. Now horded food grains will be brought out for sale.

It is my firm belief that production of food in Pakistan is sufficient to maintain the whole population. However I shall take no risk and the government will import food-grains from foreign countries. At the same time I shall allow merchants to import foodgrains. I know this will create some difficulties. But I shall watch the situation carefully and shall take quick steps to solve the difficulties.

At these steps will be taken to ease the food situation. I shall watch this experiment for three years. If it proves successful, I shall abolish rationing. Once more free trade will begin and people will be free to get good-grains from anywhere they like and in as much quantity as they like.

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