Our Main Social Problems Essay

By | May 14, 2016

The World is making a lot of progress, but at the same time, it is suffering from numerous problems as well. These problems are, in fact, the by-product of man’s material progress. Like many other societies, our society is facing numerous difficulties. Below we are describing briefly by point.

Our Biased Attitude

The first among these problems is our biased attitude with others. Various types of prejudices have hit our society during recent years badly. The clashes on the sects, regions and languages have upset the balance of our society, Everywhere we find people fighting on these grounds(reasons). Our Religion teaching us the lesson of tolerance and open-mindedness(the opposite of narrow-mindedness). We should follow the dictates of our religion. We should be patience not only our fellow Muslims but also to the people of other communities.[the_ad id=”17141″]

Economic Nature

The Other problem Of Pakistan’s people is our economic nature. Injustice distribution of wealth is badly shaking our society. The gap between the rich and poor is getting wider and wider. The rising prices are crushing the poor peoplepoorery. They are unable to meet the basic requirements of daily life. This discussion is forcing the poor people to indulge in an immoral act like Begging, stealing, killing and suicide bombing etc.

Our government shoul give relief to the low paid people. The things of daily use should not costly. THey must be within the reach of everybody. They basic facilities of education and health must be easily availbale to everyone. If the common people are mentally satisfied the nation makes progress.

Unplanned Migration

unexpected migration from village to cities is another problem of the paksitani society. Our towns can provide the basic facilities of life to the limited people. As our villages have not the essential requirements of life like hospitals, post offices, shopping mall and schools etc, people are moving to cities. The result is an unmanageable rush in cities. The problem of sanitation also increasing too much due to rush in cities. Every street is full of the houses as can build their. Noise Pollution is also spreading everywhere in towns. This is why that the people living in towns are suffering manuy mentally and physically ailments.[the_ad id=”17142″]

Lawlessness in Pakistan

it is also a very major problem of Pakistan’s people. Everywhere of newspapers are full of the news of crimes. Robbery is the order of the day. Human blood is cheaper then everything else. Everyone life is at stake. There is no security of others honours and property. Various the gangsters have clutched the whole society in their evil claws. They have their links with the high-ups families. This is the reason that it becomes difficult to check them. Unless Peace is guaranteed in society, we cannot dream of making progress.

Rape Forcing Cases

[the_ad id=”17150″]As many problems in our beloved pakistan increasing day by day, “Rape Forcing Cases” are also one them. The Problem of child abuse is a serious threat to our young generation of our country. Most of boys are forced to work in hotels. instead of books, they have tools in their hands. They are all time abused by their employere. They are sexually abused as well. This is the most painful aspect of the children’s abusing in society.


Our society pays no regard to young girls working at different places. They face many hardships only becuase their parents are not in a position of supporting them. If we remove all the these social evils from our society, our country will become an ideal country. Everyday would be living in peace and prosperity. Our state will become a welfare state.

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