My Aims in Life Essay

By | May 6, 2016

My Aims in Life to become a Doctor Essay

“A useless life is an early death”.


Everyone in the world, however great or small, has some aim in life. A prince may have an aim to be a king and a king may have an aim to be an emperor. Someone’s aim is for fame, someones for power, someones for money, while some aim at acquiring knowledge.

My aim in life essay

My aim in life essay

Accordingly, I have also a high aim of life, though I do not know how far I would be able to realize it. I do not want to run after money, nor after cheap fame or popularity. My aim in life is to get happiness for myself and also for others. To realize this aim, I have resolved to be a doctor and spend my life in the service of others. My role model is Dr. Imtiaz of service and contentment. He is a source of vital who is a paragon inspiration for me.

“People never improve unless they look to some standard or example higher and better than themselves”.  

(Tyron Edwards)

[the_ad id=”17141″]I know that the profession of medicine is a good selection. If I become a good doctor, I will get a lot of money, which I will use for the service of the poor. I will not charge high fees and shall never exploit the needy and the poor at the most critical moments of their life. If I become a good doctor, I will, of course, get fame and popularity. But I will see that I do not become puffed up with pride due to this fame. Being a good doctor, having connections with several families, I would naturally acquire power and influence, but I would see that I do not abuse my power for any ignoble or undeserving work. In short, I have fixed my aim to be a doctor, not because it is a profession, which would fetch more wealth, fame, or power than any other profession, but because it gives better and greater opportunities to serve mankind in their moments of urgent need when they are involved in a struggle of life and death.

“It matters not how long we live but how”.


My aim does not end there. I shall devote a part of my time in doing voluntary work in hospitals and charitable dispensaries. I would also devote a part of my time to the welfare of my country and my people. I would go to politics or any public work to serve my country and play my humble part in the social, polițical, religious, and educational reforms, resulting in the progress of my country.

Whether I succeed or fail in my aim, I shall never make wealth or power the end of my life. I shall never run after the bubble of fame. I shall be proud to die in harness. Success in my profession will be of little importance to me unless it is governed by my higher moral progress. I strongly believe that one must learn to distinguish between ‘vulgar’ material success and the “true success” of the man who succeeds in obtaining the best both in the material and the spiritual sphere. I want to be one such man who will succeed to attain by my of spiritual satisfaction of means and serenity sufficiency profession.[the_ad id=”17142″]

To conclude, I would like to add that my aim of life fully suits to my tendencies and ideas about life. I know in my heart that this is the path best fitted for me by nature and I would leave no stone unturned to attain it.

The purpose of life should be a life of purpose.

(Long Fellow)

My Aims in Life to become a Teacher Essay

Every person has his own dreams and aspirations in his life. It is always a good thing to have an ambition in one’s life. Many people have no definite aim in their life. They are like the travelers going a head without any destination. Such people lead an aimless life and what they do in life, is largely a matter of chance, determined by the circumstances in which they happened to be placed.

“If there were dreams to sell,
Merry and sad to tell,
What would you buy?”

Ambition is an incentive for a person to work hard and to achieve success in life. Robert Browning, a famous poet, says

“The aim, if reached or not, makes great the life”.

Aimless people do not achieve anything in life, first of all, determine their target. They keep before them their circumstances, their qualities, their talents, and their ability to work. They just live because they have to live. One should have a definite purpose in life.[the_ad id=”17150″]

“You can’t cross the sea merely by standing and staring at the water”.

The people who want success in life, first of all, determine their target. They keep before them their circumstances, their qualities, their talents, and their ability to work. They select some definite target of their life and remain successful.

“An aim in life is the only fortune worth finding”.

The aim of life varies from person to person. Some aim at wealth, some at power, some at fame, some at business, and some at education and knowledge. My aim is neither wealth nor fame. I wish to serve my country with the best of my talent. So, I want to be a professor of English.


My Aims in Life

“Teachers effect enternity; no one can tell where their influence stops”.

Greatness in teaching is just as rare as greatness in medicine, dance, law, or any other profession. This aim is the culmination of my life. Teaching is a very noble profession. Nearly 70% of the Pakistanis are illiterate. I want to educate my countrymen. I really feel that I can serve my fellowmen by becoming a teacher.

Though the teachers of our country are ill-paid yet. It is one of the noblest professions. This profession will enable me to translate into my life the Holy Prophet’s (PBUH) principle of simple living and high thinking. A teacher is the real friend, philosopher, and guide of the students. He serves the cause of education.[the_ad id=”17144″]

According to Plato

“Education is the turning of the inner eye towards light”.

The teacher removes the ignorance from the minds of his students. I want to realize the same ideals in my life as a teacher for which great men like Socrates, Plato, and Aristotle had worked throughout their life. I believe that teacher, individually and collectively, have the ability to not change the world, but to improve it. It is truly a teacher is full of high thoughts and ideas. I realize that if we are able to remove ignorance, illiteracy, and superstitions from our country we can develop it into a great country. I shall not only teach my students from our country we can develop it into a great country. I shall not only teach my students the theoretical education but I would also try my best to develop their character.

“Education is not the filling of a pail, but the lighting of a fire”.

[the_ad id=”17151″]I want children to learn in a safe and comfortable environment so that their self-esteem will be increased. High self-esteem will enable them to strive for and accomplish any goals they set for themselves. As a teacher, I will play part in helping them to do that. I will have the privilege of shaping future parents and productive members of society.  It is an important contribution I can make to better our society, and I am excited about my aim to do so

“Teaching is the one profession that creates all other professions”.

Why do I want to become a teacher? A teacher has the direct opportunity to make a difference, to change the future. I have been told that I am an idealist. I want the best for everyone. I will set high goals as a teacher and do my best to show each and every student that these goals are within their reach.

An excellent teacher is not just someone who explains. Not someone who just demonstrates. An excellent teacher is someone who inspires. An excellent teacher goes the extra mile. They can take any individual and make them believe, truly believe, that their hopes and dreams are within their reach.

My aim is to serve my country. I hope I can serve my people by becoming an ideal teacher. I shall produce able citizens. This will be the greatest prize for a true and ideal teacher.

“Teachers are the custodians of the highest value”.


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