Can Women Rule Better Than Men? Paragraph

By | May 18, 2016


  • Men have made a mess of the world.
  • Women by their tenderness, cheerfulness and tact would rule beetter.
  • In intelligence women are not inferior to men.
  • But women have physical and other disadvantages.

The experiment is worth trying. Some believe that this world is in a confused state of affairs because of the misrule of men. They think that if women were asked to rule the world, there would be paradise on earth and there would be peace, joy and happiness everywhere in the place of sorrow, war and strife.

In one, sense, women can rule the world better, because there is in-born tenderness and sweetness of nature in them; and due to their gifts, they would prevent wars, and create an atmosphere of peace. By nature, they are loyally and their company is always cheerful. By their cheerful nature they would drive away the gloom and sorrow from the world and create an atmosphere of cheerfulness and joy. They are by nature very tactful and they in instinctively knowhow to manage a difficult situation. They succeed in finding out a happy way where men have failed. By nature they are kind and, therefore, there would not by any cruelty or tyranny in the world. If there is no tyranny or oppression, there is no revenge and no war. The world would be free from the curse of wars for even and there would be ever lasting peace and prosperity on earth.[the_ad id=”17141″]

Again, in intelligence women are not inferior to men. There are many women who have made a name in literature, painting, music and management of large estates. The low percentage of education among women is no due to their want of ability, but due to the face that they were suppressed by men so long. They have had no opportunities to show what stuff they were made of and if opportunities are given, women can rule the world even better than men have done.

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At the same time, there are certain things which make women unfit for ruling the world. For instance, they have not the skill and cunning necessary for the management of big offices and estates. Their bodies are so weak that it seems that nature has intended to be protected, and not for hard work. Again they are so sentimental: and emotional that they do not pssers sternness and strictness necessary tor the disciplined working of big offices. they have not an awe aspiring appearance which would mark them out as rulers. They look very weak and mild. They are easily frightened and have no courage to face the struggles of hard life. They are too soft to stand the shocks of life. If women were appointed Governors and President, they would, perhaps, waste all their time before the mirror. Hence there would be indiscipline, disorder, riots, thefts if women were to rule.

Having seen both the side of this question. We can say that women possess certain qualities which would be very useful for the better administration of the world. If by amiable temper, and gentleness, wars and quarrels could vo prevented, a great thing is achieved. There is need for gentleness, kindness and tact in the world.

But at the same time, women have certain physical disadvantages which render them unfit for rule. But any way, to ask women to rule the world and to see whether they do it better or worse is an experiment worth trying.

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