Autobiography of an Old Tree – Paragraph

By | May 18, 2016


  • Scarcity of rain; superstition of people.
  • Worshipped by people.
  • Religious discourses under me.
  • A fair near me.
  • Downfall and miserable old age.

I began my humble life thirty years ago. Earth is my mother and the sky is my father. People began to starve, and I was on the point of death. But a Brahmin who use to workship a tree near me, began to worship me as that tree had already fallen down.

Following that Brahmin, other also began to worship me. I know not why. As good luck would have it, next year it rained heavily and people were extremely pleased. Some of them believed that the rain was due to my worship. In my thirteen year, a great preacher came to the town and my shade was selected as the place for his discourses. People from far and near came to me and I became a place of pilgrimage.”

Short Paragraph on Perseverance (430 Words)

People once arranged a fair near me. The twenty-five years of glory passed away. Now my fall was near. Once some boys were playing hide and seek on the near by tree. They came to me and began to play the same game on my branches. Fifteen boos stood on the same branch. The branch crashed due to their weight and two of the boys were killed. People were shocked at this even, but they still – worshipped me. There was a scarcity of rain in the same year. I had grown extremely weak. Unfortunately, one of my branches, while falling struck as a newly married man who was just then passing under me. It was from that day that the people suspected that some evil spirits dwelt within my trunk.

People then stopped worshipping me. Children did not come in to play near me. People became so angry that they began to treat me roughly. My leaves were torn off. My branches were cut off and my trunk was heavily injured.

These are the ups and downs of my life. I stand here awaiting death. I have been insulted, attacked and condemned to unbearing misery. What a sad contrast! I was once offered coins, now I get stones. Once I was a place of pilgrimage now I am condemned as an abode of evil-spirits.

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