Paragraph on Does War Do Any Good?

By | April 15, 2016


  • Does war settle any problems? Does it compel justice or redress grievances?
  • Old time conception of war was romantic. Now we know that science has made it horrible.
  • The lessons of the two world was.
  • Disarmament, international jealousy, United Nations.

In the old-time writers, war is often held up as a noble and heroic activity, giving scope for heroism and deeds of valor. Romantic pictures are shown, such as Horatius holding the bridge or Chand Bibi leading her forces in defense of the father-land. But the suffering, the misery and despair of widows and orphans, the terrible lot of maimed and crippled men is passed over by the romantic writers.

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An examination of wars in the past will show that war has never settled anything. Usually they did comparatively little damage, as long as men fought hand to hand with swords. But there came the risle, then the artillery throwing explosive shells, now the bombing airplane and the atom bomb, and perhaps even germ warfare and more deadly poison gas. It all sounds like a nightmare rather than .deliberate policy on the part of civilized men. Now wars are murderous; they destroy the lives of multitudes and wipe out the productive powers of the earth. War is madness.[the_ad id=”17141″]

Not one war has ever settled a great matter. In 1870, Germany defeated France and humiliated her, France waited hating and planning for revenge till 1914, and then helped to turn the tables on Germany. The Germans seemed finally tamed, but in only twenty five years, they again made a bid for world domination. When the resources of the world had been raised and this menace conquered, it but led to another period of fear and arming against the next danger. The threats and alarm are now greater than ever.

Much of this come from international jealousy. If men would follow the teachings of Holy Prophet (PBUH) there would be no fear of war. But nations are all jealous of their privileges and afraid of their neighbours. There is no real spirit of love or of co-operation. A study of events should show that another war would probably put back the hands of the clock, and lead to suffering and scarcity such as the world has not known for five hundred years. The only remedy is for nations to abandon their sovereign powers and get together under a world government. The United Nations Council is proving as great a failure as the League, and there seems little ground for hope. A great teacher or leader may arise to save us all, for the future is not at all promising.

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