Short Paragraph on The Horse

By | February 15, 2016

The horse is a very useful animal. It is used for riding, and is, also, yoked to carriages. It lives on grass, oats, and gram, and is found almost all over the world. It is a very intelligent animal and is very faithful. The Bucephalus of Alexander and the Chatak of Partap are famous instances of brave and faithful horses.

A horse recognizes its home from a distance, and it obeys the slightest hint of the driver or the master.

Arab horses are known for their swiftness, Australian horses are tall and strong, and beautiful to look at, but they do not possess much power of endurance. The government is trying to improve the breed of horses in Pakistan because they are so useful in the army. The efficiency of the cavalry depends upon the quality of the horses.

It requires great skill to break a horse, but when it is trained, all the labour spent on the training is amply repaid. In the cavalry, the horses are taught drill, and they understand and obey all orders given to them. Horse races are a favorite amusement all over the world, and huge bets are laid on the famous champion horses.

Horses are trained for pegging; also, and it is very wonderful to see how they bend as soon as they approach the peg so that the rider may take it off with the lance.

Horses are known for their strength. The mane on the neck of this animal is peculiar to it. It is a very loving animal. The horse of Imam Hussain (A.S.) brought the sad news of the death of its master from the field of Karbala.

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