Mischievous Pet (Short Paragraph)

By | January 25, 2016

Dogs are found in all parts of the world. In their wild state, they are very ferocious and dangerous, but when domesticated, they may be trained and made very useful. There are different varieties of dogs–the greyhound, the hull dog, the spaniel, the terrier, and so on.

Some dogs are used for hunting. They have strong power of scent. Their legs are very slender, and they can run very fast. Dogs are very well kept in civilized countries as pet animals, and there are some very fine crossbreeds which are loved for their beauty and usefulness. Dog-shows are held, and this indicates that dog breeding is looked upon as useful employment.

Street dogs become very dangerous when they develop this disease known as rabies. When they bite, the poison affects the human body very quickly, and the man who is bitten also develops symptoms of the same disease, and dies. This is a very dangerous and terrible disease.

Wild dogs should not be allowed to live near human habitations, because they are a source of danger and disease.” Dogs are very faithful to their masters. They recognize them from a distance and show great affection for them. They can find their homes even from a long distance. They watch our lives and properties, and in cold countries they draw sledges. Some dogs have an idea of time also. A dog used to accompany his mistress every day when she used to go out for a walk, but he did not go on Sundays, when she went to church.

Dogs mourn the death of their masters, and some have been known even to die of grief. They carry errands, and they are also trained for tracking thieves.

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