Short Paragraph on Thermometer

By | December 19, 2015

This instrument is used to measure temperature. It is a glass tube, with a bulb at the end. “It contains mercury which rises with the heat. There are marks on the tube to indicate the degrees of heat. The mercury rises or falls according to the quantity of heat applied to it. In cases of fever, the doctors can easily find out the state of the temperature with the help of a specially made thermometer, called clinical. 98.4 is normal. Above it is a feverish state, and below it, weakness. These instruments are more or less delicate and would break if roughly handled. During the hot weather, you can find the degree of temperature. There are three kinds of thermometers. with different marks. In the Centigrade thermometer, the freezing point is 0, and the boiling point is 100, In the Fahrenheit. the freezing point is 32, and the boiling point, 212. Midway between the two extremes are various degrees of heat.

This is a very useful invention for scientific purposes as well as for practical daily life. Students in schools are now regularly trained in the reading of thermometers and are required to keep records of their daily observation. In the houses of rich men, thermometers are hung up in the verandahs to enable them to watch the daily variations in temperature. There is a Government Department, which keeps regular records of temperature for comparison, and for scientific study.

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