Short Paragraph on Telegraph and Telephone

By | November 27, 2015

Both these are very useful inventions. We can send messages over the telegraph and talk through the telephone at long distances.

In the telephones, we put our mouth near the opening of a tube. There is a plate connected with it, which begins to vibrate. These vibrations are communicated to the string or wire, and thence to the plate at the other end, and then through the tube they reach the ear of the listener. Children can make these instruments for themselves for short distances, but with the help of electricity the sound may be carried to a long distance. In large cities in Pakistan, you have different places connected by phone, and in every big house or business firm or factory, you see these phone connections. How very convenient it is to talk and decide a matter in a minute or so with your friend at a distance, instead of sending a messenger or letter by post which will take a long time.

In the telegraph, we have another great achievement of modern science, which has destroyed distance and economized time. in communications. Electricity is now in the service of man. The whole world has been brought together. The news of the world we get in our newspapers through the telegraph, and what happens in England to-day is known to the people in Pakistan the next, and thoughts uttered in one place travel round the world in a little time.

The Telegraph is worked by means of a battery from which the electric current is generated. There is the metallic wire which carries the current. There is a needle at the other end, which makes certain motions or dots on a piece of paper, and from these the message is prepared.

The uses of both these inventions are manifest. In our domestic affairs, in commerce, in political emergencies, their services are incalculable.

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